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Menstrual lingerie brand Cocoro celebrates diversity with this campaign

Cocoro is a menstrual panties firm whose purpose is focused on health and environmental impact
The campaign “Let’s change the rules” makes visible and celebrates the diversity of menstrual cycles how do i find a phone number in france The menstrual revolution has only just begun. Since a few years ago, several feminist groups opened the debate on the so-called “pink tax”, an added value that hygiene products aimed at women have, the use of other non-traditional methods to deal with menstrual cycle.

Cocoro has different menstrual panties depending on the bleeding
And we’re not just talking about menstrual cups. Brands like Cocoro have come to our market to offer other more sustainable and profitable (long-term) options to face the rule, whatever type it may be.

Cocoro menstrual panties adapt to each woman and each cycle, offering diversity in a market that is still very young in our country, and materializing it with the campaign devised by the Sapristi agency, “Let’s change the rules”,

A varied offer for each type of cycle

“We bleed differently, we think differently, we live differently, we are different.” So reads the motto of this continuing campaign by Cocoro, with which they continue to bet on “changing the rules”, but this time emphasizing the diversity of bleeding .

In this way, the brand wants to highlight its varied offer of menstrual panties, where there are for women with less and greater amount of bleeding, as well as lingerie with different shapes and materials that adapt to each one.

Sapristi’s action has an audiovisual piece with which they play with feminine and menstrual symbols, but in a metaphorical way; and a series of graphs with the claims of the campaign.

The lingerie brand also highlights its commitment to the environment, since, as Clara Guasch and Laida Memba, co-founders of Cocoro have commented on several occasions, the carbon footprint of their menstrual panties is 19 times less than a compress and 12 times less than to tampon

Combining tradition and innovation has been Mini’s proposal for its cars for years. Its cars combine the inexhaustible classic style with the functionalities of the technology of the most contemporary vehicles, a concept that the brand has explored in multiple ways and that has now been reduced to its essence in a campaign that bets on minimalism and sober design.

With the help of Serviceplan Germany, in collaboration with Serviceplan Middle East, the BMW automotive firm relies on the characteristic elements of its own logo as the basis for building a campaign designed to highlight the virtues of the Mini Countryman. Thus, both the circle and the unique wings that form the hallmark of the company, as well as the UK flag itself, come to life to serve as a dynamic stage for the cars.

The campaign focuses on black and white to delve into the simple nature of the vehicle
The circle like a roundabout or the lines turned into pedestrian crossings, mountains or rays of light serve to highlight elements such as adaptive cruise control, folding exterior mirrors with automatic dimming, the dual-power turbo engine or the dynamic control of stability. The campaign, which features graphics and creativity in video format, opts for black and white to deepen the vehicle’s simple character and the simplicity of its driving.

In this way, a unique and holistic design approach is adopted that pursues a timeless B2B Phone List communication aligned with the personality of the brand and its cars. “I have been drawing cars for more than 25 years. But never in such a MINIMALIST way. Very excited to finally demonstrate my passion for cars with this MINI feature communication. From the Hamburg team to Dubai, thank you to everyone who encouraged this idea! ”Commented Tudor Cucu, Senior Art

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