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Millennials are the ones who most positively value sponsorship at the Olympic Games

46% of the representatives of this group would buy products from the brands that sponsor the sports event
The sponsors of the Tokyo Games hope to generate engagement through TV in an edition with hardly any audience On Friday, July 23, the Tokyo Olympic Games will begin , atypical and expected due to the cell phone number database for sale postponement of the appointment, canceled in 2020, and due to the absence of public. To this day, the Japanese authorities continue to debate whether they will allow some local spectators to access the stadiums and whether a negative PCR will be necessary . What is certain is that the event will once again have massive audiences around the world, an escape that brands want to take advantage of.

36% of millennials would strengthen their bond with Olympic sponsors
And it is that Olympic fans are one of the fans who most value sports sponsorships , as shown by the survey carried out by GWI and whose results have been collected by WARC. Specifically, those who show the most commitment towards brands that act as sponsors of sports events are the millennial Olympic fans, aged between 24 and 37 years. According to the aforementioned research, 46% of the followers of this section would buy the products of the brands that sponsor their favorite league or team and 36% would reinforce their link with the brands.

This is the age group with the greatest affiliation and engagement towards sports marketing , above the next age group, Generation Z , with ages between 16 and 23 years old. 32% of the representatives of this group would feel more connected with the brand and 37% would buy its products if they became a sports patron. Engagement falls as the age of the respondents advances. Thus, 34% of those who are part of Generation X (from 38 to 56 years old) would buy products from the sponsoring brands and 27% would reinforce the image they have of them, while only 17% of Baby Boomers ( 57-64 years old) Olympic Games fansthey acquired some product from collaborating brands and only 13% would feel some positive reinforcement towards them.

The GWI Olympics fans study also shows the best ways to reach fans, who prefer sponsorship on T-shirts , ahead of advertising inserts on audiovisual panels in stadiums. “Although sports sponsorship often comes at a high price, big events like the Olympics provide a good opportunity for brands to stand out,” they conclude from WARC.

The uncertainty of the sponsors of the Tokyo Games

In the postponed edition of the Tokyo Olympics , more than 60 brands appear on the list of sponsors, divided into several categories. The most important is the one that welcomes the so-called World Partners , which include Coca-Cola , Airbnb , Alibaba Group , Atos , Bridgestone , Dow , GE , Intel , Omega , Panasonic , P&G , Samsung , Toyota and Visa. Below would be the Gold Sponsoring Partners, with brands such as Asics, Canon or NEC, among others; and the list of endorsements is completed with Official Partners, a category that includes EF, Cisco and a good number of Japanese companies.

Despite the powerful showcase that the Olympic Games represent for all these actors, the inability of the Government of Japan to offer concrete answers on important issues such as attendance at stadiums has raised the concern of Olympic sponsors. Specifically, from venues such as Asics, Canon or Fujitsu, which have injected 3,300 million dollars in what has meant an unprecedented amount and that seeks to cover the B2B Phone List increase in the budget made by the organization of the event, caused by the expenses it generates. creating a safe health environment .Some have even requested the cancellation of the event due to the persistent threat of the coronavirus in Japan, as is the case of the Japanese newspaper Asahi , which has harshly criticized the vaccination campaign in the Asian country. Likewise, this newspaper has called the decision of the International Olympic Committee to continue holding the event a “selfish nature” .

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