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Millie Bobby Brown leaves Instagram: The social media detox, a trend among celebrities

The character of Eleven in Stranger Things , is not one of those who generated a deeper bond with the public, Millie Bobby Brown , who gives life, has become one of the most recognized Hollywood personalities in the last two years. We know that the Netflix series was the trigger for everything, but the charisma of the 14-year-old actress and a good PR work Belgium Mobile Database on her social networks have been essential for her popularity to grow exponentially. But, this rhythm is not always possible to maintain and this is something that is reflected in Millie Bobby Brown , who at the weekend announced that she will leave her social networks for a while. He spread the news from his Instagram account and the argument he gave to his followers was to focus on his work, as he is about to start filming a new movie. Belgium Mobile Database

The engagement of the actiz was felt, at the moment it exceeds 1.7 million Likes and more than 8 thousand comments . However, and despite the fact that he is one of the personalities that stimulates the most conversation on his social networks, he has decided to take a break from the platforms. This is the second social network that he leaves, remember that in the middle of this year Bobby Brown announced that he would leave Twitter because of the harassment and attacks he was subjected to, his name related to homophobic and racist memes. Social media has become a window that can boost brands, influencers and public figures, but at the same time they are the worst platform on which followers can prosecute if they believe that mistakes were made. Although, we know that many of the official accounts of personalities of music or entertainment media are not managed by the headlines, it is also true that they are one of the channels through which they can have contact with their fans.

This is something that makes them attractive to brands, in the case of Millie Bobby Brown, she has been an ambassador for Converse and Calvin Klein , and was recently named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador . However, it is also true that this level of exposure to which your image is subjected Brother Cell Phone List can be overwhelming and therefore the list of figures who take time offline is growing more and more. The break, known as a digital detox or, in this case, social media detox , has become frequent among celebrities, almost always with the argument of focusing on their personal and professional life, although other times it has been in protest against the large number of negative comments that exist on them. Something that other personalities such as Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Marie Tran, Daisy Ridley and Taylor Swift have done, among other personalities.

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