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New Faces for Brands.

Digital structures, a brand new fishing floor for brands seeking notoriety with well-known characters From a famous way of life myth who died a quarter of a century in the past to a sequence author, thru a poet, various you tubers and a truth TV contestant.These are a number of the characters that have starred inside the advertising campaign of very Bahamas Email List famous manufacturers released in our market in recent months. The use of recognized or infamous people as spokespersons or prescribers of the brands in advertising campaigns is a useful resource almost as antique because the interest itself, and also you simplest should test the advertising this is broadcast in any medium to confirm that your validity remains unchanged.

Recent campaigns appear to signify that brands are trying to journey less properly trodden paths
However, some current examples of Spanish and global marketing seem to suggest that brands, including the ones that target mass audiences, are trying to walk much less well-trodden paths while selecting prescribers, spokespersons or famous protagonists for his or her marketing actions.

Apart from a logical desire to distinguish in a hypersaturated surroundings, the selection of latest prescribers is carefully related to issues inclusive of the new supply of reputation -especially amongst certain environments and age organizations- that digital platforms and social networks represent ; the identification of characters with the cause of the brand and the hobby of corporations to show themselves as touchy to the difficulty of range .

The company Contrapunto BBDO has launched two campaigns within the past weeks which can serve for example of the aforementioned fashion. One of them (created with Proximity , any other enterprise of the BBDO network) is that of Magna beer , from San Miguel. For her, a expert has been selected as a prescriber whose paintings is enjoyed by way of millions of people in lots of elements of the arena, however who simply few had seen in character. He is Javier Gómez Santander , head of scriptwriters for “La Casa de Papel” and scriptwriter for “Sky Rojo”, a especially successful series broadcast with the aid of Netflix.

The election of Gómez Santander is related to the message of the campaign, which speaks of the significance of creating decisions approximately one’s own existence and not following the script written with the aid of others. “In lifestyles, as in the series, you could follow the script or make your own decisions,” says the author within the campaign spot , which indicates him having a tumbler of Magna on a terrace. He provides that the scriptwriters are not the nice regarded folks that paintings on the series, however they may be the ones who literally determine what happens in them.


Susana Pérez , Executive Creative Director of Proximity, factors out approximately the selection of Gómez Santander: “ The concept of the marketing campaign“ write the script of your lifestyles ”refers back to the ambition of our goal to be the only who takes the reins of his lifestyles, that he breaks with inertia and is capable of make his very own decisions ”.

“The election of Javier [Gómez Santander] offers the campaign credibility and judgment”
“We decided,” he adds, ” to get the message throughout to them through a metaphor: if your lifestyles have been a chain … Wouldn’t you want to be the one to write down that script? Thus, through successful collection and the expressive territory that lets in us , we established an appellative speech that builds the idea of Magna de San Miguel. And for this we chose Javier, a scriptwriter of a success collection who in spite of being little recognised to the majority is the expert who has the criteria to take the first-class selections for the fulfillment of the series. Javier’s election gives the campaign credibility and judgment. ”

Digital structures, television popularity … And a suspended marketing campaign

The different Contrapunto BBDO campaign for which the organization had had specific protagonists is the one created for Snickers Ice Cream : the socialite and television character Carmen Lomana , the rapper Diego García Arroba , known as “El Cejas” and the influencer participated in it. Aless Gibaja . But every week after its premier, which took place on July 27, the marketing campaign changed into withdrawn due to the rejection generated in social networks by way of the way in which Gibaja seemed in it, which has been described as homophobic and “plumophobic”, to time that, as is normal in those instances, a boycott of the emblem become referred to as for.

Snickers has withdrawn the marketing campaign with Aless Gibaja after criticism on social networks
The campaign changed into presented with the primary 3 episodes of what was a 10-chapter internet collection. In the only starring Gibaja, he seemed asking the waiter on the chringuito wherein the entire campaign occurred ” a attractive orange juice with vitamins A, B and C”. Then the waiter hands him a bar of Snickers Ice Cream, and whilst Gibaja bites into it, he transforms into a person whose appearance can be assimilated into the immediately canon. Then, Gibaja’s companion asks him: “Better?” . And this responds: “Better” . The episode closes with the classic Snickers catchphrase: “It’s no longer you when you’re hungry . ”

The critical social networks did no longer start to be evident till 5 August and overdue in the afternoon of the same day, Snickers introduced the suspension of the marketing campaign , which has withdrawn complete proteginizada no longer best in component by way of Gibaja.

Snickers has introduced the withdrawal through a assertion published on its Instagram account wherein the brand states that it takes “the rights of equality and inclusion very significantly” and believes that “all people has the proper to show themselves as it’s far. For this motive, from Snickers we want to apologize for the misunderstanding that our new advertising campaign may additionally have brought on ”.

“At no time has sought to stigmatize or offend any person or group” , maintains the announcement . “ In this particular campaign, the aim was to bring in a pleasant and casual way that hunger can change your character. Again, we regret any misunderstandings and, so that you can avoid spreading a message that could be misinterpreted, we can right now proceed to put off the marketing campaign ”.

Contrapunto BBDO has declined to make any announcement concerning the withdrawal of the marketing campaign and has stated what became expressed by means of the advertiser. Aless Gibaja has not commented on the matter in his social networks at the time of writing this facts, as neither have “El Cejas” nor Carmen Lomana .

Telepìzza laughs a touch at herself

Irony, parody and famous television tradition are 3 factors present inside the brand new Telepizza campaign , in which the emblem acknowledges that its product is better than its advertising and marketing and makes use of Iván González , well-known for his participation in programs which includes “Women and Men and Vice Versa” and “Survivors”. González appears inside the spot, embodying with his mistakes the advertising “clumsiness” that Telepizza recognizes. The creativity of the marketing campaign is from DDB .


Irony and top humor additionally incorporates any other prescriber preference that may be taken into consideration sudden because it’s miles a famous but no longer very well-known character currently in Spain: that of former British footballer Steve McManaman for the Uber Eats marketing campaign . McManaman, who performed for Real Madrid between 1999 and 2003, seems inside the marketing campaign with the young and famous youtuber Miquel Montoro .

Poetry and Granada

Alhambra Lager Singular beer is situated on a completely one of a kind plane in relation to selecting the protagonist for its campaign . The logo is, like Magna, owned by means of the Mahou San Miguel institution , and like it has chosen to provide its voice in its advert to a creator. In this situation it is approximately the poet Elvira Sastre , who seems inside the emblem’s spot reciting some verses by Juan Ramón Jiménez while the chords of a track from C. Tangana’s brand new album sound. The campaign, created through China , combines heritage and modernity in a gap that reflects the individual and idiosyncrasy of Granada, the town of origin of the logo.


Another sudden marketing protagonist, now not so much due to the fact he’s little recognised or alternative – instead the opposite – however due to the campaign for which he has been chosen, is Pocoyo , the famous lively man or woman for the little ones. The introduction of the Zinkia production employer and his fellow adventurers are the protagonists of “Isla Dragon”, an advertisement conceived as another episode of Pocoyo , in which the protagonist recreates a millenary legend that assures that the remaining dragon inhabits Gran Canaria black. The worldwide campaign is promoted via the Tourist Board of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria . Famous virtual Notoriety on digital systems and their verbal exchange competencies are B2B Phone List the arguments supplied by the chef Gipsy Chef, alter ego of Pablo Albuerne from Oviedo; and Abe The Ape , at the innovative name of the Gijon illustrator Abraham Menéndez. Both are the protagonists of “ Muy Nuestro, Muy de Kas” , a campaign through the smooth drink brand with which it desires to position itself as the ideal drink to accompany the aperitif. The movement concentrates its diffusion in the regions of the north of Spain, which is wherein the logo has greater presence.

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