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Nissan Unveils an Infographic Bringing Together

Eclaironslefoot , the brand was able to emerge and managed to be visible. During the match and the hashtag #eclaironslesbleus. Rose to the top of the most discussed topics during the match.In order to promote its values ​​of performance and innovation , New Balance is launching a communication campaign that combines sport, art and digital: the Runnovation Challenge . In collaboration with Arena Media Native (Havas group) and creative studios Le3 and The Boat ,

New Balance launched a free norway phone number sms to 2 French e-influencers who are fans of running: Victoria Monfort , actress and blogger and Cyril Paglino . ” New Balance is basically a brand that I particularly like. When I was approached and I discovered the script, I said to myself that there was the potential to make a great campaign while having fun on this shoot. Cyril Paglino told us . The challenge is to overcome their limits by facing their digital double during a frantic race through the streets of Paris. In order to make the device possible, the Street Maping technique was used for an artistic and original result .

In the Name of a Championship for Others.

The goal of this project is also the sharing of the video which features the 2 runners. The social media strategy desired by New. Balance is at the origin of the video. Short and rhythmic, the video is highlighted by Victoria. Monfort and Cyril Paglino who have large communities on different social networks (they have tens of thousands of followers between them). Socialyse (Havas group) supports the viralization of the film which will also be the subject of a making-of, which will allow Internet users to discover behind the scenes of the production of the video. The film will be visible in short format on television on M6 from December 13.Norway Cell Phone Number

PSG players will give us their vision of #unebonnesoiréeàBarcelona . Hoping to galvanize the fans before this major meeting of the season. Since the winner will finish 1st in the group. They will express themselves around sporting. Challenges or more “lifestyle” challenges that they would like to achieve tomorrow. Evening at Camp fans are also invited to participate by. Posting their vision of a good evening in Barcelona to win. Places for the 1/8th final. For PSG, communicating on social networks has become one of the strategic axes of communication which should allow the club to be part of the greats of Europe and of this world.

In the Name of Communications for Some,

Don’t hesitate to say what #unebonnesoiréeàBarcelona means to you!With a sponsor, there is obviously the financial aspect which interests us as athletes in order to be able to carry out our projects and which bring us external projects , in surfing, the aspect of trips, videos, etc., is very important, that’s is really a plus that a sponsor can bring. After that they have to be in tune with who I am , the values ​​they obviously represent, there are certain brands with which it may not stick. In any case, I have to believe in their products.

Can you describe the relationship you have with them?  With the series of competitions and the solicitations of the sponsors, the fatigue accumulates. Is it impossible today for a pro surfer to honor her contracts with sponsors and remain competitive in competition? What is not obvious is that we are on our own . I manage a lot of things and this year it was particularly busy and it was not easy to manage.

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