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Online and offline, the amalgam your marketing campaigns need

In the framework of the 2018 National Digital Marketing Congress, which takes place in Mexico City, we had the opportunity to talk with Alfredo Ortiz, Vice President of customer services at the Global Agency, who defends an integration of online and offline actions for develop the best campaigns in Armenia Mobile Database the field of marketing and advertising. With clients such as Monster, Oster, Mastercard, Coca Cola and Santander, Agencia Global has been able to develop successful campaigns to underpin the products of these brands and this has been possible with online action tools – online, through the internet – and offline which refers to all other off-the-grid platforms and tools. Armenia Mobile Database

“It is necessary to put the two positions or marketing modalities in the same perspective based on the needs of the client and the products,” says Alfredo. Ortiz recounts some of the most important moments in defining the digital age in which we are immersed today. The first social network that existed was in London, it was called The Notificator, and Brother Cell Phone List it consisted of a totem placed in the streets that had post its. Notes were posted for others and they had only a few hours to review them. currently about 79 million Internet users and in the general population there are 64 percent with Internet access. It is estimated that Mexicans spend about seven hours a day connected, of which two are dedicated to social networks.

Alfredo Ortiz reflects on the advantages of digital marketing, among them, the segmentation of audiences, the elimination of borders, the possibility of focusing energy on brands regardless of whether they are SMEs or larger companies. In addition, it is possible to create communities, generate surveys and create offers, etc. As elements of offline marketing we can consider all the efforts that they use as their channel to media such as radio TV Billoboards, BTL, point of sale, etc. Among some of the advantages of offline marketing, Alfredo lists the following Wider reach through channels such as TV, radio, press, opinion leaders face-to-face contact, being able to have an interaction with the consumer It is not digital.

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