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Just run a domain analysis and check the “Key Organic Competitors” Other ways and “Competitor Positioning Map” sections of the report. SEMrush Competitor Blog save Got a long list of blogs you want to follow? good. It’s time to get to the good stuff. How to follow blogs Let’s face it, you probably don’t need a guide to teach you the basics of following blogs. You can follow them on social media, subscribe to their newsletters, and accept push notifications from the blogs that serve them. However, if you want an integrated content feed, you’ll need to learn a little about RSS feeds.

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Later in this post, we will discuss the tools you can use to category email list follow blogs via RSS feeds. But first, let’s address an important question. What should I do if my favorite blog doesn’t have RSS? Many older websites have an RSS feed icon to allow readers to easily follow your blog. However, even today’s major websites do not fully advertise their RSS feed URLs. But that doesn’t mean they don’t support it. The known facts are: All WordPress blogs have built-in support for RSS feeds. If your website is running on WordPress, you can check the default RSS feed by appending “/feed” to the address. For example, TechCrunch doesn’t mention that he has an RSS feed on his homepage.

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For example, let’s say you want to track BrianDean’s contentB2b Phone List  from across the web. Click Add Follower , then enter BrianDean as the Follower Name. Add influencer name to WatcherSpy save Then copy and paste the appropriate URL into the corresponding field. You can copy an influencer’s YouTube channel URL, Pinterest page URL, Twitter username, etc. Most importantly, you can copy their blog’s RSS feed URL. This allows you to pull content directly from influencers’ blogs. WatcherSpy Follower Details save Once done, click Save Follower to finish this step . Step 3: Track all information With auto-followers up and running, your feed should contain content pulled from all specified URLs. 

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