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P&G presents sustainable podiums for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

The new podiums of the Olympic and Paralympic Games are made with 100% recycled plastic
The “Podium Project” has been developed in collaboration with the IOC and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee Procter & Gamble , manufacturer of consumer usa phone number database free download products of brands such as Dodot, Fairy or Ariel, has presented together with the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the new podiums that will be used for the ceremonies of awarding medals during the Olympic and Paralympic competition this summer in Tokyo.

The new platforms have been manufactured with 3D printing technology and, for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the plastics used to make them are 100% recycled . “It is an excellent example of how the Olympic Games can inspire sustainable change in the host city and country , ” says Marie Sallois, IOC Director of Sustainability.

The initiative of the multinational, collected under the umbrella ” Proyecto Podio” , is part of its positioning “Lead with love” with which it seeks to become a force for good, as well as generate a positive impact on society and the planet. In fact, recently, it presented 21 actions for this purpose that will be carried out in our country over the next few months.

Olympic podiums made from waste

The 98 podiums that make up the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games medal ceremonies have been made from plastics collected from the oceans and in more than 2,000 stores, offices and schools in Japan , as part of the project.

The objective of the Podio Project was to collect 1.5 million polyethylene and polypropylene plastic containers to produce recycled resin from this material. In this way, the organizations and P&G have managed to save enough energy to light a typical home for 112 years.

This educational campaign , focused on responsible consumption and recycling, highlights P & G’s commitment to protecting the planet, while trying to B2B Phone List inspire actions that have a positive impact on the environment and society. “P&G is proud to be working with Tokyo 2020 and the IOC to demonstrate how consumers can be involved in reducing plastic waste,” said Marc Pritchard , P&G Director of Brand.

Too Good To Go launches charity art collection against food waste
The elimination of 80,000 single-use plastic water bottles (per year) in the IOC offices, has been another of the measures adopted by the organization, as part of its commitment to sustainability , one of the

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