Know When Pneumonia Is Contagious

Is pneumonia contagious ? It is common to hear about cases of contagion and spread of diseases such as colds and flu. But have you noticed that little is heard about the transmission of pneumonia ? However, this inflammatory reaction in the lungs is also caused by infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. But the different types of pneumonia and their predominance modify the chances of contagion, as I explain in this article. Keep reading to learn about ways to prevent the disease . Also learn how to receive medical assistance without leaving home by scheduling a teleconsultation . Is pneumonia contagious? Most of the time, pneumonia is not contagious. Or, at least, it does not have a high level of transmission. This is because contagion depends on two factors : the type of pneumonia and the patient’s health condition.

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Fungi are hardly transmitt through the air. As the pneumococcus bacteria causes about of cases of the disease, the chances of becoming infected are rare. However, the scenario changes if the person is vulnerable , that is, with a compromised or inefficient immune system. Or if you are exposed to viral pneumonia. Which type of Kuwait Phone Number Data pneumonia is contagious? When the disease is a consequence of viral infections , we can say that pneumonia is contagious. In this case, it is worth remembering that it first affects the upper airways (nose, pharynx and larynx, which are in the throat). Meaning it starts like the flu , not pneumonia. Only then does the virus reach the lungs, reaching the structures responsible for gas exchange in breathing the alveoli. Then, yes, the disease becomes pneumonia.

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Reaction in the lungs can be the result of a poorly cured flu . In this scenario, vulnerable people who have contact with the patient can become a target for the virus and develop pneumonia. The risk group is form by: immunosuppress individuals malnourish people smokers Elderly Small children bearers ofchronic diseases. When is pneumonia not contagious? You just found out when pneumonia is contagious. And when is it not? This usually happens in cases of bacterial pneumonia , since bacteria are much less B2B Phone List transmissible than viruses. Furthermore, bacterial pneumonia is often caus by bacteria naturally present in the upper airways . While the immune system is strengthen. These microorganisms cannot break through all the barriers to reach the lungs. However, when there is a drop in immunity , the barriers are weaken. Facilitating the migration of bacteria until they reach the alveoli. What to do to avoid getting pneumonia There are simple preventive measures that reduce the chances of contagion by the disease.

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