Typical meanings given by colors are summarized below

Website design has now progressed to the point where it is time to choose the images used on the pages. When Typical meanings given choosing pictures, you should of course choose pictures that match the company’s look and the topic. In an ideal situation, the images are the company’s own, but good stock images can also get you off to a great start. However, you should avoid really generic images and ones that you have already seen used by other companies or organizations. You can find good options in our previous article on free image banks .

8. Accessibility Typical meanings

When designing Oman Phone Number List homepages, accessibility should also be taken into account if possible, even if the law does not yet oblige you to create accessible pages. Accessibility often Typical meanings given improves the user experience of a wide variety of users and can be assessed using the WCAG criteria. You can find more detailed information about the accessibility of online services on the website savuttettavusdirikti.fi .

9. Optimization of homepages

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Already in the design phase of the website, you should pay attention to its speed, because the download speed B2B Phone List affects the satisfaction of the website visitors, conversion rate and search engine visibility. If speed is not paid enough attention in planning, it can be difficult to change some decisions afterwards. For example, a large number of poorly coded plugins can slow down the site significantly.

In addition, the functionality of the site on all devices should be taken into account in speed optimization. For example, Google currently uses site speed on mobile as the primary evaluation criterion.

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