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SEO in the era of digital transformation and digitization of companies

The technological advance that we are experiencing in recent years is bringing with it new opportunities for companies. Knowing how to take advantage of them and adapt to the changes that occur in the market is vital for the survival of any business.This is what is called digital transformation. www canada phone number To the integration of technology in all areas of a company, from finance to people organization, through advertising, sales, customer service, production or marketing.Importance of SEO in the era of digitization of companies and businesses via @MadridNY

Let’s talk about the latter and what role SEO plays in all of this. Let’s see what an SEO positioning strategy for companies can contribute to the digitization process.

What is the importance of SEO in the Digital Age?
Consumer habits are changing. And that is something that all businesses must take into account when designing their marketing, sales, communication and any other strategies that involve direct relationship with the client.

For example:

A few years ago, when a person wanted to plan a vacation, they went to the nearest travel agency, the agent who was there offered them the different options that adjusted to their preferences and was the one who handled all the procedures.

Today, most of the population hires their vacations in a couple of clicks. They go to the search engine, enter the words “vacations in Valencia”, or any other similar, and obtain a list of agencies that offer customizable packages from which they can choose.

Those travel companies that have been digitized and have defined an adequate SEO strategy will be among the first results of that list. And therefore more likely to be chosen. In fact, a European Commission study on this matter says that 88% of the clicks that occur on a results page, such as Google’s, are made on the first 5 options.

Do you now understand the importance of SEO in digital transformation? SEO positioning has a significant impact on the sales of a business. And if this B2B Phone List consumer trend continues, companies will have no alternative but to adapt.

SEO plays a key role in digitization, and contributes significantly to a business remaining competitive in the market by being visible to its audience.

➽ Key elements of an SEO strategy
And what does it mean to define a search engine positioning strategy? Although the ideal would be to have the help of an SEO expert who defines the strategy aligned to the needs and n

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