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Sportall Is Preparing the Launch of Its Application in France.

Mark Wyatt. To put it simply, my investment is above all based on people. I believe in this team! » Pierre Debleme, Sales and Marketing Director of Sportall Pierre Debleme, Sales and Marketing Director of Sportall “The door of course remains wide open to investors, especially investment funds. The market is buoyant, all the signals are green and the time-to-market is good”, emphasizes Thierry Boudard, who is also pleased to count among his loyal supporters the Belle-de-Mai incubator , which has trusted to the startup and with whom Sportall is incubated in the South of France, as well as the Le Tremplin incubator in Paris, BPI France and Crédit Agricole.

sports institutions such as download database irancell or clubs will be able to create direct relationships with their fans and acquire in-depth knowledge of their audience. Whatever their size and budget, to likewise. While the. DAZN platform replicates the traditional model of broadcast. Rights purchases, while focusing on. OTT broadcasting, Sportall offers a new revenue-sharing business model. Which aims to be much more flexible and fair. “It’s a real virtuous circle that Sportall offers with. In addition to a renewed link with a large Fan base on digital and social networks, a simple formula common to all sports and a sharing of revenues at stake. Aggregate, pool, monetize.

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The solution has already won over a dozen sports federations “More than a dozen sports federations have already or will sign with Sportall before the launch, and we are also in advanced discussions with professional leagues” indicates Pierre Debleme, Commercial and Marketing Director of Sportall.. For example, the French Swimming Federation, the French Wrestling Federation, AFTEQ, the French Teqball Association and the French Water Skiing and Wakeboarding Federation are already customers. The French Federation of Wrestling and Associated Disciplines was the first to adopt this solution a few months ago. “The observation is simple today. We are neglected by the traditional media, points out Alain Bertholom, the President of the French Federation of Wrestling and Associated Disciplines. It was time for the federation to take control and become, in a way, its own broadcaster! The first tests were conclusive. We can’t wait for the launch of the application.

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» Ambassadors of choice Alongside the federations, a good number of French athletes join Sportall and do not hesitate to lend their image to the start-up. The following have thus joined the ranks of Sportall, as ambassadors: Manon Costard , World Champion in water skiing; Djihène Abdelilah , 2015 NoGi World Grappling Champion; Nathan Paulin , slackliner and highline specialist; Hugo Tormento , Swimrunner; Pauline Déroulède , wheelchair tennis champion or even Morgan Bourc’his, Triple Freediving World Champion. “It’s really a chance for confidential sports disciplines like mine to see such an innovative concept arrive,” testifies freediver Morgan Bourc’his. Like football, freediving has its own competitive circuit. But its media coverage, you can imagine, poses a problem. The lighting provided by Sportall is exceptional. For our activity, for its image, for our sponsors and for the followers of the discipline. For the values ​​it also conveys.


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Malia Metella, former Olympic swimming champion, Sportall partner since day one, and directly involved in preparing for the Paris Olympics. A solution with a societal dimension “Reconnect with your sports community, reconnect with your licensees. It is the Holy Grail that sports players are looking for today, recalls Pierre Debleme. And when you reconnect with the digital public by creating social ties and proximity through video content and a connected application, you bring licensees back to the clubs. It’s inevitable ! Create a link, a fundamental notion which has not escaped the notice of the French Handisport Federation, in full discussion with Sportall. “In addition, with the Paris 2024 Olympics in sight,

the sports movement needs more than ever to reconnect with its public. To know their expectations, their new modes of consumption. A the Golden State Warriors guard is a training machine. A fan of new technologies himself, Curry very regularly uses many training tools that make extensive use of new technologies. He supported virtual reality, repeatedly tested isolation boxes and improved his hand-eye coordination through FITLIGHT technology.

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