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Internet users are more and more fond of this kind of service. According to some studies, out of 10 people who chatted on a shopping site, 75% bought on this site. While out of 10 people who did not chat, only 14% made purchases on this site. Install a live chat, how to do? To install a Live Chat on your website, it’s quite easy in itself. Just add a few lines of code and you’re done. There is an even easier way to do it, it is to go through the Google Tag Manager. Despite the simplicity of installation, you have to think about configuring the service correctly so that it meets the business objectives you have set, namely increasing customer satisfaction and therefore the conversion rate. Does a low cost solution exist?

Yes, there is a free solution . We implemented Iran WhatsApp Number List on our website very easily. What took a bit more time was setting it up. You want to install a Live chat on your corporate website or your online store but you don’t know how to do it? Contact us to discuss and see if we can help you. Stephane Gauthier STEPHANE GAUTHIERHow to choose your CRM for marketing automation? Deploying a digital strategy requires more and more skills and time, which is why it has become imperative to automate part of the customer relationship… The good news is that many tools are available to companies with completely affordable costs! How to choose your CRM for marketing automation? How to choose your CRM for marketing automation? Whenever you decide to automate any of your processes,


Until People Buy Your Products.

Whether simple or complex, it is always recommended to understand the. Software you will need to use, and for this you will need to list the. Criteria for choosing and understand if it fits your needs perfectly. Marketing. Automation is an area that requires deep reflection around the criteria and. Specificities of your process, in order to define the characteristics. Of the software that will best suit them. It is therefore not an easy process and depending on the size / growth of your business, the list of criteria and specifics can grow quickly and continuously. So you need to start with something simple and analyze if your marketing scope needs automation and to what degree. If so, then on that basis choose the marketing automation software(s) that suits you best. Ease of use The CRM should be easy to use,


ideally intuitive, and should make things easier for you to do. Ex. The CRM that we recommend does not in principle require any of the support hours that we provide in our consulting contract. Features The tasks that the software will allow you to implement using automation are important to understand. The basic functionalities that it must provide or enable are: Automation of email campaigns Prospect / lead management Web engagement analysis

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Real-time notifications Social media integration Data customization Managing a sales funnel Any additional functionality is an added benefit, but it must be a primary need for your business if you prefer it to anything on the list above. Personalization The CRM must allow you to personalize e-mail campaigns, newsletter design, message templates and any communication aimed at customers. You should be able to develop, modify, and review templates easily. The contact data must also be able to be personalized with the possibility of adding fields as much on the properties as on the views. Do not underestimate the usefulness of filters and creation of custom views because it greatly facilitates daily tasks when the customer base becomes larger

It must therefore serve this purpose more than anything else. The ability to configure your sales tunnel (funnel), or even to use several of them, therefore appears to be a necessity. For the forecast, the possibility of weighting the amounts of transactions according to the stages of the sales process can also prove to be a quickly essential feature. The integration The CRM must be able to easily integrate with other systems in the event that you have, as is often the case, several automation systems. So check that it offers an API and that it is well referenced on service orchestration platforms such as Zapier or IFTTT

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