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“the Art and Mystery of the World Are Not in the Invisible

you have to repeat your website address 3 times, forget it. You’re picking a bad name. This error happened to us, originally our website, and seeing that our clients. Always asked if it had. The two “ems” we decided that we had to give. It a solution and make the domain clearer.. apart from being shorter, it is easier to pronounce, this was redirected to the original domain. So as not to be penalized Find a domain with which you have. No pronunciation problems so that your customers understand. You when you try to give them your web address. 9.-Having a contact form speeds up the communication. Process between your customers and your company.

Put a form in the contact section and online mobile number australia one that is always visible, for example, a pop-up that accompanies it throughout the navigation and always has it visible. 10.- IT IS NOT OPTIMIZED FOR SEARCH ENGINES With regard to SEO or search engine optimization , we could do another complete article on the errors that are made when creating a website or doing a redesign, among the most important that we often find are: – Duplicate title on all web pages or too long. – Duplicated Meta

Contract the Domain Per Year, One of the Factors.

I could go on listing some of the most frequent. Mistakes made in Mexico when creating the web in the most unknown but most. Productive strategy of Digital Marketing. Such as SEO or search engine optimization. Download Our Infographic of the 10 most common. Mistakes when creating a website Most common mistakes when creating a website 2 Comments xavier xavier on December 17, 2015 at 7:34 pm Very good basic recommendations. Reply humberto humberto on September 25, 2016 at 5:29 am They are the most common errors on the web. Perhaps if web text editors like Sublime incorporated something to correct the spelling, the web would be better.


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and in what it proposes to the eyes”- Oscar Wilde. which serve to identify a business or company. Every company needs a logo, this is the identity of the company, it is a symbol that represents its values ​​and what they want to make known. Therefore, a good logo is the basis of any company, if it does not attract attention, it is very likely that the consumer will easily forget the company. The more symbolic our logo is, the easier it will be to remember it. According to Manuel Estrada, creator of Design, a good logo can increase a company’s sales or results by up to 15%. When you think of a brand, the first thing you think of is the logo . This happens because companies use all possible means to make it known .

That Is Important for Google Is the Duration of Your Domain in Addition to the Age.

Apple with its apple, Adidas with its three bars, etc. Everyone can identify these logos and what companies they are, this is because from the beginning these companies managed to capture the attention of the customer. Your brand must be strong and with this your logo too, so you will show your client the quality of your company and your services. For a designer to help you with your logo, you must first have defined what you want for your company,

the values ​​you want to show, your goals, where you want it to go, etc. Is it necessary to redesign my logo? Sometimes companies decide to redesign their logo, or often a complete makeover. This is beneficial in most cases, since as your company grows your logo must also grow, but there have been cases where the company has not benefited from not having carried out market research on its clients. This is why it is very important to review all your alternatives before making a drastic change to your image. 574709927d5e2__700 Print Companies often forget the importance of a good logo, but it is something that we should not overlook.  Surely you are wondering, what characteristics does a good logo have?

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