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The constantly changing reality inspires the new corporate identity of ESIC

ESIC, inspired by real life” is the positioning promoted to homogenize the different training areas
The rebranding, work of Pixel & Pixel, includes the redesign of the logo and the update of typography and colors The reality is that nothing is like before. The reality is that each day is different from the previous one, that everything accelerates. The reality is that the best phone number details with name usa way to prepare for what is coming is to look at what is happening in the now ”. Faced with a world in constant movement and evolution, marked by incessant challenges, ESIC has carried out its own transformation based on real life, but preserving the essence and values ​​cultivated for more than 55 years.

Rebranding and repositioning revolve around the concept “ESIC, inspired by real life”
Here and now. That is the place, and that is the moment, in which the educational institution wants to be to prepare and accompany people in the construction of a better world, being inspired by all the possibilities that the future offers, but also maintaining proximity with the day to day and the social and business reality experienced by professionals. Throughout its history, the school and its brand have evolved to adapt and satisfy the needs of students, teachers and companies, and in the face of the new projects it is undertaking, ESIC has taken a new step in its trajectory by presenting a new corporate identity .

With the help of the Pixel & Pixel agency , the school has promoted a rebranding and repositioning that revolves around the concept “ESIC, inspired by real life” , an idea with enough capacity to bring together its different training areas under the same brand and the same identity -University, University Degrees, Masters and MBAs, Center for Higher Professional Education, Corporate Education and Online Training-. With this claim, the institution seeks not only to express its intentions and projections towards the future, but also to reinforce the attributes that now define it: challenging, experienced, linked to the company, specialized and realistic.

“ We understand reality as the transformation capacity of each and every one of the people who pass through ESIC classrooms. It is they who demand a close and active role from us to provide them with the tools and accompany them during their transformation process, helping them to get the best of themselves ”, explained Jaime Massó, Director of Communication. ” Our priority is to prepare students for the real world, a world that we understand in constant movement and constant evolution .”

Reality as a starting point

The updating of the corporate identity responds to two main objectives: on the one hand, to align the milestones achieved in recent months – with the launch of ESIC University at the helm – with the brand image; and on the other, homogenize the different visual identities of the company . “ The ESIC of now has nothing to do with that of a few decades ago and we needed a change. We did not have a well-defined brand architecture or a transversal message that communicated in a unified way with all stakeholders ”, explains Jaime Massó in statements to Reason Why. ” We wanted to launch a unique brand, evolve, but maintaining what we are: human, real and close .”

As a former student of the institution, Víctor Coello, CEO and Creative Director of Pixel & Pixel, has been proud and excited to have been part of the realization of this project. In statements to Reason Why, he assures that the B2B Phone List opinions and evaluations of former students like him, as well as current students, teachers, companies and institutions, have been key in the process of redesigning the corporate identity. The rebranding has involved interviews and focus groups with the various stakeholders , through which the insight was obtained that ESIC is the link between reality and people’s needs. Some needs influenced by the context, but in constant evolution.



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