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The Estrella Damm ad, for summers. You play?

Estrella Damm started the narrative line “Mediterráneamente” in 2009 and has created more than 15 advertisements since then
Test your knowledge about the campaign by sorting the spots by year of publication
The advance of vaccination in buy data for cold calling  our country promises a summer period that, although still dominated by the mask and the safety distance, is progressing little by little towards summer normality. Waiting to know what the last installment of Estrella Damm’s “Mediterráneamente” will be like in Reason . Why we suggest you warm up your engines with an interactive game.
Although the brand has also launched advertising campaigns during other seasons, “Mediterráneamente” has become synonymous with summer since the brand decided to turn the Mediterranean coast into the setting for its storytelling.

Michelle Jenner, Peter Dinklage or Jean Reno have been some of the stars of the spots
The actress Dakota Johnson, the soccer player Cesc Fábregas or the musical group Love of Lesbian have been protagonists, along with Formentera, the Sierra de Tramuntana, the sun and the sea, of the stories that since 2009 have offered us a lot of good island vibes.

With thermometers exceeding 25 degrees in much of the national geography, one more year the expectation grows before the expected announcement of the beer company. As was revealed a few days ago, this year’s ad has the island of Menorca as the backdrop and the Goya-winning actor, Mario Casas, as the main character. As we have learned in Reason . Why, there are barely a couple of weeks left to enjoy the spot, but in the meantime we are preparing with an interactive game to test our knowledge of the campaign and our loyalty to the brand.

To enjoy a more complete experience, we recommend that you read this news and play the game B2B Phone List from a computer. You must sort the Estrella Damm advertisements, from the most recent to the oldest. Go ahead!
“Mother”, the campaign that denounces the reality of vulnerable

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