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The European Recovery Fund and digitization: everything you need to know

The goal is to enable recipient countries of the fund to invest and reform to lessen the impact of the pandemic and create a more sustainable and future-proof economy and employment.Next Generation EU us based mobile number adds an additional € 750 billion to the EU budget. This means that the original budget will practically double and that the EU will have the largest budget in its history to support countries to emerge stronger from the crisis.

One of the main pillars of the European Recovery Fund is the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, which offers grants and loans worth € 672 billion to EU countries. Spain is going to be the country that receives the most funds in subsidies , with a total of 69,000 million euros.


How will Spain invest the European Recovery Fund in digitization?
The General State Budgets for 2021 already incorporate a first batch of Next Generation EU funds, equivalent to 26.6 billion euros. Of the amount that it will receive in total, the Government will allocate a third to digital transformation . This amount is well above the minimum percentage required by the European Union (20%) and the community average.

To know how this money is going to be invested, we have to analyze the Spain Digital 2025 Agenda, which provides for the following budget items:

1097 million euros to promote digital skills among the population.

583 million euros to extend digital connectivity to the entire population, favoring the disappearance of the digital divide between rural and urban areas.

418 million euros for the digitization of the national productive fabric.

370 million euros for the digitization of the public sector, including sectors such as justice, health, employment policies, consulates and territorial administration.

330 million euros to the deployment of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and the data economy.

€ 315 million for digital transformation projects in strategic sectors, such as healthcare, tourism, agri-food, mobility and commerce.

300 million euros allocated to the deployment of 5G.

213 million euros for the development of cybersecurity.

109 million euros to develop the Spain Audiovisual Hub plan.

And more than 15 million euros for the protection of digital rights.


The main areas of digitization in the European Union
There is no doubt that in the coming years we will live in an increasingly digital world, and this will have many repercussions on businesses and consumer habits.

The European policies will have a very important role in the digital transformation. In October 2020, EU leaders invited the commission to present a Digital Compass 2030 outlining targets for the next decade. B2B Phone List This proposal was presented in March 2021 and is structured around four main areas: capacities, companies, public services and infrastructures. It is a vision for digital transformation in Europe with concrete milestones that should be achieved in the coming years.

To better understand what the main changes will be, we are going to review some of the main areas of action of the EU digital strategy .



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