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The Rosapark agency changes its identity for Rosa Paris after receiving criticism for cultural appropriation

The agency insists the name did not refer to the African-American activist
They have also presented a new visual identity in the form of a rose.

The Rosapark creative agency, owned by the Havas Group , has rebranding its name to Rosa Paris . In this way, the French agency thus fulfills the promise they made from the management a year ago, after the criticism mobile number of received by the movement that defends racial equality, by accusing them of cultural appropriation of the icon of civil rights in the United States, Rosa Parks .
Rosa Parks opposed the racial segregation of buses in the US
Parks is especially recognized for the movement that began in 1955 by refusing to give up her seat to a white person and moving to the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama (USA).

For this reason, and as a result of the reopening of the racial debate in the United States after the murder of George Floyd by the police, Nathan Young , co-founder of the group that fights for this cause, “600 & Rising”, tweeted an image of the address of the agency against the Rosapark name and called it “the racial problem of advertising in an image.

As the controversy flared on Twitter, the agency – which has long insisted that her name is not related to the activist – published a statement – last June – in which it stated that the firm’s address was leaving. to rethink your corporate identity .
The petals form the letters of Rosa

Rosa Paris co-founders – Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-Patrick Chiquiar and Jean-François Sacco – have noted that the agency’s name was intended to reflect a combination of Parisian urban lifestyle and skater culture . However, the accusations received have led to the rebranding of the firm, which now also presents a new visual identity in the form of a rose.

Although Rosa Paris’s announcement of her new identity does not directly address the criticism, the agency states that it had “measured the possible sense of appropriation that our agency name could generate, particularly in the US market, and decided to change the name of the agency to Rosa Paris to avoid any confusion. ”
On the other hand, last year, amid the barrage of criticism, the French firm issued a statement claiming that they were “aware of the comments”, assuring that B2B Phone List they took the racial issue very seriously and apologizing if they had caused any offense.
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In addition to the visual and naming changes , the agency has also announced that it will create a diversity committee and develop a more inclusive hiring campaign.

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