If it is an existing company that is just expanding online, it is often easier to determine the products to sell and the target groups.

Think carefully about what kind of selection you are ready to keep and note that keeping stock also involves money. On the other hand, if you always have to order the product from the manufacturer when someone buys it from the online store, the delivery times can be really long.

Competitive advantage and specialization

It is important for an online retailer to internalize its own competitive advantage – Why would a customer order from your online store? A competitive advantage can be, for example, service or product selection instead of price.

Online retailers should usually specialize, because then, for example, marketing can be targeted better. Create an online store for pet supplies, for example, so you can easily target marketing to pet owners or people interested in pets on most platforms.

Specialization is worth it Netherlands Mobile Number List for the very reason that it is not worth it for small online stores to compete with big online store giants that sell everything. In addition to the products, you can think about other distinguishing factors, such as good customer service. Before opening a store, you should definitely get to know your competitors who sell either the same or similar products.

Do competitor research

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Before opening a store, you should definitely get to know your competitors who sell either the same or similar B2B Phone List products and do some level of competitor research. If it is a new company, you should take your time on these matters. At least it’s not worth googling: setting up an online store where the products come from , but rather think about what would bring added value to a potential customer and, on the other hand, where there could be a market niche.

By finding out these things, you will get a good idea of ​​the activities of your competitors and you can find competitive advantages for your own online store.

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