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The Union of Vaping Promoters and Entrepreneurs Sues Health

They guarantee that the marketing campaign has generated a decrease in income, loss of employment and reduction of the commercial enterprise fabric Chile Email Address UPEV, the Union of Promoters and Entrepreneurs of Vaping , has launched a judicial procedure against the General Administration of the State with which it requests the cessation and rectification of the institutional advertising marketing campaign ” El Tabaco Ata y Te Mata en todos sus Formas ” , promoted by using the Ministries of Health and Consumption considering the fact that 2019.

UPEV considers that the campaign identifies “glaringly deceptive” vaping and smoking
The business enterprise considers that the marketing campaign identifies “ in a glaringly deceptive ” vaping and smoking, “ equating both sports and attributing the identical harmful consequences to them ”. For years, the aforementioned portfolios have disseminated a discourse in opposition to tobacco consumption and smoking prevention , highlighting that this constitutes the primary preventable public health problem in developed nations. It is, in keeping with reports, the main reason of preventable mortality and morbidity in our us of a and the rest of the encompassing nations.

“ Smoke it. Heat it up. Vaporize it. Savor it. Do now not be fooled. Tobacco binds and kills you in all its paperwork ”, affirms creativity, displaying a sequence of subjects who devour tobacco in exceptional ways, consisting of cigarettes, vapers or hookahs.


UPEV considers that with this message the Ministry of Health disseminates statistics and makes statements that, from a systematic factor of view, aren’t real. As they explain, the identity of tobacco and vaping handiest reasons confusion amongst citizens and they factor out that, consistent with what become posted via Public Health England in 2015, non-public vapers are 95% less harmful than tobacco. Thus, the agency ” frontally ” rejects the position of Health for ” being fake and missing the minimal required rigor “.

The process has been undertaken, as stated with the aid of UPEV, after severa claims of withdrawal or modification of the campaign. “ The requests of the sector have no longer been listened to. For this purpose, we are now resorting to legal means to protect honest public data and to guard the pursuits of a region that has always maintained a company commitment to scientific endorsement ”, said Arturo Ribes, President of the Union of Promoters and Entrepreneurs Vaping.

However, at some point of this time, the communication has acquired numerous criticisms from numerous consumer businesses and the UPEV itself, which has filed lawsuits with the Ombudsman. As a result, the Commission and the Ministry of Health recognized that vaping isn’t a manner of eating tobacco . In the words of the portfolio, tobacco was equated with digital cigarettes due to “the unique wishes of the marketing campaign’s language ”, “ its constrained nature ” and “ synthetic type ”. However, the organization assures that “the violation of the precept of truthfulness is especially evident if one takes into account that the Administration itself had to lodge to these excuses based totally on standards of opportunity and not legality, to give an explanation for the inexplicable ”.

The effect on the world

As he explains, the campaign, active on net pages, social networks, tv, radio and different media for 2 years, has caused the lack of numerous jobs and a 70% annual reduction in income of simple kits, merchandise to which people who smoke who decide to cease smoking for the first time commonly pass. Likewise, the employer factors out that there has been a drop of extra than 30% within the zone’s turnover within the ultimate 4 months of 2019, which has been annoyed all through the pandemic.

UPEV estimates that two hundred companies inside the region have disappeared due to the campaign and the pandemic
In this feel, the consequences of institutional verbal exchange maintain to purpose damage to organizations in the industry. During 2020, the independent vaping sector had a turnover of 50 million euros in our country, a discern that stood at 88 million euros in 2018. All this has contributed, as they allege, to activity losses, presently status at 2,500 human beings , as compared to nearly four,500 three years in the past; and the discount of the business material , when you consider that of the 560 organizations that made up the enterprise in 2018, nowadays simplest 360 remain.

In addition, from UPEV they assure that the quantity of grownup users of vapers has fallen via nearly 250,000 people (562,000 in 2018 as compared to 317,000 in 2020), and estimates that about a hundred,000 of those human beings could have returned to the combustion cigarette after the campaigns of the Ministry. B2B Phone List However, past the quantitative information, the corporation considers that the campaign assaults the honor and status of the experts and organizations that make up the world, mistakenly identifying their merchandise with combustion

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