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It is what is called Data Science and its main objective is to improve the understanding of facts from the available information. know how to use programs Database learning: Here you will need to know at least basic SQL, as it is the most common and generally used database language. It seeks to learn to interpret schemas, improve ETL techniques ( extract – transform – load ) and practice query languages. Separately they are interesting skills, but together they make up a true value proposition. And many times the difficulty is in being able to see them in an integrated way. Don’t let all this scare you because I’m here to share with you two free courses on data analyst: The first is dictated by the foundation of Carlos Slim .

In it you will learn to collect and analyze Slovenia WhatsApp Number List information from companies to issue recommendations or make decisions. I leave the link here for whoever wants to see it. And the second is from Fundación Telefónica , and it shows tools that will help you retrieve all the data necessary to interpret them and draw conclusions that will help you improve digital products. I leave the link here carrying out your work. Excel Although it is simple, excel is used in many companies and professions. With their facilities when it comes to formulas and functions, spreadsheets can make some tasks easier for you that BI tools still can’t. It is also an easy document to share for teamwork. If you do not handle excel well, you can start learning for free here .

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PowerBI Power BI is a Microsoft Office 365 Business Intelligence tool. This tool helps us analyze and manage data from different channels or sources to display them in a graphical and personalized way through reports and visual dashboards. These reports make it easier for us to see the data, as it allows us to review in a much faster and more general way. It is also constantly updated, giving us a live screenshot. tableau Tableau is one of the most used tools by data analysts, due to its use of drag and drop. It is very easy to use and allows us to make simple graphics in a few seconds. In addition to that it allows us to have numerous data connections. Python or R Both Python and R are one of the main programming resources for the development.


of tools that allow the analysis, treatment and processing of data. Learning Python or R is basically a must for those looking to get into the world of data analytics. Google DataStudio Another free data visualization tool that can help us is Google Data Studio . Which makes it easy for us to create interactive dashboards, as well as help us create personalized and attractive reports. It’s great for presenting data in a way that supports smart decision making. It’s just a matter of getting into this tool and getting the most out of it. Personal skills of a data analyst This is where we have to get other types of resources beyond the training or tools that we have. This has more to do with the characteristics of a good data analyst. Among them some of the most important may be:

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be methodical It is a job in which being organized, following a well-founded work methodology is key. A true data analyst must be systematic in their problem-solving approach. Being Analytical A data analyst has to see what others cannot see with the naked eye. Therefore, knowing how to read and establish relationships and connections between data is important to reach better conclusions. be a little skeptical Analysts often need to question the data obtained. By this I mean, is the source where my data comes from the correct one? Sometimes the conclusions are not the wrong ones but the method and its sources that generate errors. Being attentive to everything and questioning some things is not bad. Review may be the solution.

Be a good communicator It is true that having good communication can help us in any type of work, but If you thought that you would not need this quality here, let me tell you that you are wrong. Transmitting clearly and effectively what has happened and. Why to those who will then be the ones who make the decisions, is a crucial skill to publicize the work carried out. The impact that these data could have, for example, the relationships that they have, even suggestions. It all adds up. Also, let’s not forget that many times we have to transmit all this knowledge to people who are not familiar with the work of a data analyst,

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