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you must consider this before doing any content marketing. I bring you back to our article on how to find your target on social networks . Content type Each social network has particular types of content that work more or less well. For LinkedIn, one of the niches is personal development and motivation. A large majority of LinkedIn users use the platform with the goal of advancing their careers, so posts around this topic tend to generate significantly more engagement than others. So incorporate some posts regarding this topic into your content marketing strategies to get a wider reach. However, your primary focus should be on your target audience and the results you expect from your campaign.


If these constraints force you to Japan WhatsApp Number List change your strategies, you absolutely must. Content is still king No matter how much content marketing changes over time, content will always be king. Even if you do great marketing actions on digital channels, but your content is average, that is to say not very engaging, your strategies will be doomed to failure. On the other hand, if your content is exceptional, rare, engaging, that your audience can share with pride and appreciation then you can still settle for an average strategy. In summary, the best possible content marketing strategy is to ensure that content is relevant, useful, and shared . Then, take care of all the other factors that will improve the performance of your content and voila! Create content that connects This holds true for all content marketing strategies, regardless of the social platform used.

Related to the Aesthetics of His Products.

If the content you create doesn’t resonate with users’ ideas and thinking, it won’t be shared enough. If the content is not shared, the impact of the post is drastically reduced. Your content writers need to be prolific in creating content that “sells”. They need to know what’s trending in your market and then create content that relates to people in a way that they totally relate to. You will also notice that the types of content that tend to go viral are the content that is most relevant to you in your professional life. Use relevant tools Content marketing encompasses a lot of things,


Every content publisher should equip themselves with a set of tools to increase their ability to make a good content strategy. Bufferapp or Hootsuite , Google Alerts and Google Trends , are essential tools for content marketing. Publishing methods LinkedIn offers many ways to publish content as well as company pages. At the time you create content, you also need to decide how to publish on LinkedIn. To date, only people can publish Linkedin articles but people and companies can post articles from their timeline. You will also be able to decide whether the messages will be visible to all audiences or only a particular target audience or even address specific users by using the sign to mention the person. For example,

to Target Websites Related to Art.

You can create a group around a common interest for your potential. Customers and offer them relevant content to help them with. Their problems, B2B targeting LinkedIn is probably the only network. Where you can clearly do B2B targeting and therefore use it to. Generate leads. Almost all companies have their LinkedIn page and. Those who do not have one should quickly open it, so the administrators of these pages are active on the network. If you are a company with a more B2B clientele, LinkedIn is an ideal place to focus your content marketing efforts. LinkedIn’s conversion levels are quite high and the contents get great exposure through this social network. For example, we often see a doubling of website traffic when the content strategy is well implemented and a doubling of conversions from the website.

In conclusion If you are a digital marketer or a business developer who has understood that social selling is a differentiating asset and trying to obtain as many leads as possible for your business, it is essential to include LinkedIn in your content marketing strategies and to couple exposure to this social network to the overall digital strategy of the company. There are a plethora of opportunities on this platform to leverage different audiences and interests. So make sure that the time you spend there is a real asset for the development of your business.

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