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Tips and tools to have productive video conferences

In these times, video conferencing has been implemented as an effective tool to communicate both personally and professionally. Although it is true that there are still many who do not quite get used to it,uk cell phone number directory  since using the right technology is a bit of a struggle.Do you usually work from home or in an office? Regardless of where you work, video conferencing tools have become an opportunity to facilitate business management in the cloud.

Engaging in a virtual conversation to approach positions with clients and partners, or dialogue with your work team, is and will become a daily task.

If you are still getting used to these virtual meetings, let us tell you that there are some recommendations to achieve effective communication and, thus, make your video conferences a success (even if you have children climbing on you or your cat requiring your attention).

Discover recommendations and tools to make your videoconferences more productive via @MadridNY

Tips and tools for effective video conferencing
In order for your meetings to be productive and to have effective communication, in addition to our tips for working from home , we recommend that you follow these recommendations before and during your video conferences:

Recommendations before the videoconference :
➽ Choose the right setting
Choosing the right place is important to convey seriousness and clarity to the scene. On the one hand, it is convenient to choose an empty wall or, if you prefer, you can show a diploma or title, you can also shuffle it.

On the other hand, study the natural light that enters and avoid windows from where too much light enters because it will look dark.

In case of having to use artificial light, it is better that the bulbs are white or fluorescent to avoid shadows.

➽ Pretest your camera and audio
Check that your camera captures a quality image. To do this, avoid putting the device against the light, otherwise the rest of the participants will not be able to distinguish your body expression well.

Besides the camera, the audio is also important. Therefore, we advise you to try it before starting the videoconference.

Ah! And for better quality audio, and for participants to hear you clearly and without noise, opt for a headset with a built-in mic.

➽ Make sure there is an Internet connection
Finally, and although it may seem obvious, something that many do not verify is the B2B Phone List correct Internet connection. Obviously, without the Internet or with network failures, the videoconference will be cut off and will not be effective.

Recommendations during the videoconference :
➽ Maintain eye contact with the interlocutor
Before selecting your video conferencing tool, it is important to keep these two things in mind:

When you go to speak, look at the camera.
When y

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