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To Attract New Partners and Therefore Become a Brand Ambassador.

Robin Frijns and Daniel Abt here. The purpose of this new concept was above all. To satisfy the needs of Formula E, to make Formula. E known to Parisians and finally, to simply have fun. The Electric Circus was born on the evening. Of the Paris ePrix at the Yoyo and will forever remain. One of the most beautiful After Parties of the Championship.

Event department to organize the free telephone database Circus in several other cities in 2018 (Paris, but also Mexico City, Rome and Berlin). Bruno Cammalleri: You are also in charge of the activations of Maison Mumm, which has become the official Formula E champagne. How are the Formula E/Mumm relations structured? Mumm was present on the steps of the podium of the 1st Beijing ePrix.

Now I’m Working Closely With the Formula E Vip

Carl Gurdjian and Lucas Di Grassi Carl Gurdjian and Lucas Di Grassi And concerning the activation of Champagne Mumm in Formula E, it is divided into 3 parts: – The Podium: this is clearly the most important part of the weekend as it is the celebration of the winner! At the end of Season 2, we decided to replace the famous Jeroboam (3L) with a Methuselah (6L). This allowed us to double brand exposure by capitalizing on an existing brand asset. The 2017 Mexico City ePrix Podium was one of Mumm’s finest celebrations.

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Champagne Mumm has exclusivity on all Formula E evenings. Organizing with their partners (restaurants, caterers and nightclubs) events during the week of the ePrix in order to associate the Mumm Brand as much as possible with Formula E, generate sales and advertise. Based on this player insight and specific training technique,


On the Renault Sport Formula One Team Facebook Page, the Bot.

Do you have the skills of a driver, an engine technician or a pit stopper? The bot links strategic and practical questions to test fan reactions and determine the profile that best suits them.How to prepare for a race? Which favorite circuit? How to react in case of rain?

Snapchat recently collaborated with Under Armor to create a game that will allow fans to “train like Curry” . This game uses the same FITLIGHT system which prompts users to press the disc lights in the order they appear. “Under Armor took a very, very cool approach,” Jeff Miller, Snapchat Global Head of Creative Strategy, told Advertising Week. “They wanted to replicate what Steph Curry was doing during his training exercises.

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