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Visual Content To Drive Traffic: 8 Essential Strategies

f done right, Content Marketing works to drive traffic. So much so that, according to a report published by , this strategy is three times more effective than SEM or paid search in search engines (mostly Google) in terms of leads or potential customers and ROI (Return on Investment).

This graph corresponds to the results analyzed by the Kinsta website to verify what the report residential phone listing uk says about content marketing. As we can see, paid search reached 9 leads (or potential customers) and Content Marketing reached 31.

But the statistical sample does not end here. A study conducted by Demand Metric indicates that

“68% of Internet users spend time reading about brands and 80% of them appreciate learning about companies through personalized content.”

This means that people get closer and know more about your brand or company through the content you publish . And this is true for all types of businesses or projects (whatever the product or services it sells).

Well, we are not for jokes. It’s the truth! Let’s keep going. How could we establish that a Content Marketing strategy is well done? Mainly, when it includes a blog + visual content . Why? Let’s go with that answer.

Is the text not enough? No. Visual content is just as important
Exactly that. Text is a type of content that has to be attractive, that has to capture the audience’s attention. In short, it has a high degree of importance. But it is radically different from visual content. And the visual content, today, is too important .

Let’s look again at the numbers that somehow confirm this hypothesis. According to a report published by Social Media Examiner , 38% of Marketing specialists say that blogging is the most important way to generate content for a business or company.

More data:

37% of these professionals consider visual content as their most important content marketing strategy .
68% use blogs to do Marketing
74% say they use more images than any other type of content
Content Marketing, in general, offers conversion rates six times higher than other strategies.
Have you already convinced yourself to implement a Visual Content strategy on your blog? Let’s see then what are the 8 essential strategies that you have to take into account yes or yes.

Every article, note, news, news that you publish on your blog needs a prominent image. It is what visually describes your textual content. It cannot be just any image. It must have a high resolution quality and be related to the topic of the post.

It is also important to think and choose that image based on its subsequent distribution in networks. In general, everything that is published on the blog will also be shown on the rest of the networks through a link. Especially on Facebook and Twitter. This is the first thing your followers are going to see and it has to be relevant.

In the example that follows, a specialist in Digital Marketing that you probably already know, B2B Phone List publishes a blog post on Facebook. The image maintains the style of your personal brand and is complemented by the text.

All perfect. Now, how do I include visual content in articles? That is, in the body of the text. What visuals do I add and how do I use them according to my overall Content Marketing strategy ?






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