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Webinar: “Professional opportunities: environment and business”

Concern for the environment is increasing as more evidence is found on the incidence of human activity in the deterioration of the natural environment. i need a uk phone number Governments, institutions, companies and civil society organizations are joining forces to counteract a trend that leads us to question the sustainability of the world in which we live.

The current current models of production and consumption put pressure on natural resources to the point that, at present, we need 1.7 planets to continue to maintain our lifestyle. That is unfeasible.

World Environment Day serves to remind us of the need to act in the face of this urgency. For this reason, all those involved work from our possibilities in the search for solutions. We do it collaboratively, but we need motivated and prepared people to carry out the necessary actions. How are those profiles that work to change the world and make it a more livable place? Where do the motivations to work on these issues come from? What difficulties do professionals have? Is it possible to (re) orient a professional career towards environmental issues in organizations?

When I was working at Millward Brown Vermeer in London (now Kantar Consulting) and doing brand valuation projects for large international firms, we were able to verify financially …

The pandemic generated by covid-19 has meant an acceleration in the implementation B2B Phone List of new technologies and in the ways and environments in which to carry out and perform work. With the return to the …This article examines the scientific contribution of the academic publication European Political Science (EPS), from its launch in 2001 until now, through a bibliometric analysis to …


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