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What is Google Data Studio, what is it for, and how to create a step-by-step report?

Would you like to create a free blog, but don’t know how or where to start? Do not worry, it is very easy. Today, on the Internet we can find a large number of software or platforms that allow us to have a Digital presence quickly, free and easily at the same time.uae cell phone Having a blog is no longer a necessity, it is almost an obligation for any professional, company or business that wants to improve its presence in the online world. He is one of the pillars of your brand’s content marketing strategy and the best medium with which to demonstrate your Know-How to your target audience .

If you are interested in owning one, today I am going to show you where you can create a free blog, thanks to platforms and tools that allow you to get started in the world of blogging without having to spend a large investment.

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How to create a free blog?
12 platforms to create a free blog in Spanish
Can I really create a blog for free?
What are the advantages of making a free blog?
What are the disadvantages of creating a free blog?
Other things to keep in mind when having a free blog
How to create a free blog?
Whether on a paid or free platform, a blog is the ideal place to share informative articles related to the business niche of your brand or company. The objective of these posts is to offer valuable content to your audience to inform, attract and convince potential customers.

If you want to create your own, you can start with a free platform. And then, when your project evolves and you have more budget, switch to a payment option, if you wish.

This is precisely how this blog started, first I set it up with a free tool and, when I was sure it would work and that it was what I wanted to do, I migrated it to my own professional web hosting at Raiola Networks.

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What kind of free blog can you create?
These are some types of blogs that you can do, depending on your needs one or the other will suit you:

Corporate or brand.
Remember : it is very important to first know the characteristics and qualities of the blog you need, to then choose the most suitable platform for your project.

Therefore, the question you should be asking yourself now is:

Where can I create a free blog?
Today we will see some tools or online platforms that will allow you to have a free blog with which to generate content for your Digital strategy.

On the other hand, there are currently different hosting services (paid) that also allow you to make a blog with their free and customizable Web design tools. But we will talk about this on another occasion. From now on, I just want to focus on those platforms that have 100% free versions.

Although, it is true that almost all these services to create a free blog , which I am now going to show you, also allow you after a while, to escalate to more professional payment plans or to make a copy of it and move it to a different accommodation , according to your needs.

12 platforms to create a free blog in Spanish
1) SITE123 is a very powerful and interesting platform to create a free blog, both in terms of custom design and the positioning options it offers.

Create a free blog with SITE123
The design of your blog in Site123 is done through an interface that is very simple, responsive, multifunctional and flexible. No technical or code knowledge required. There is also no need to install any other complicated software to use. Everything you are going to have to use is in its intuitive interface.

Thus, Site123 being responsive, it is compatible with any type of device and screen size, making it easier for any user to search and find articles or businesses globally or locally.

Site123 is considered by many to be the fastest, easiest and easiest to use platform on the market to create a free blog.

In addition, if you want a professional website with your own domain, unlimited pages, greater storage and bandwidth, they offer a PRO plan focused on professionals, such as: bloggers, photographers or entrepreneurs, with a fairly competitive monthly price.They have 24/7 professional support, as well as some really accomplished features and designs. In short, with this platform you can have your presence B2B Phone List on the Internet in a matter of minutes. is one of the most popular and important free blogging options (predesigned in a modular way) that you will find today.WIX is one of the platforms for creating free sites that is currently growing the most worldwide.It has a modern, attractive interface that is compatible with the HTML language.


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