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What is Marketing Automation? Tools and real examples

When I opened my blog, I did so with the intention of having a professional journal in which I would share my day-to-day things, from reports to resources that I used with my team. After two years my blog took off and that was when I began to monetize my content by offering a line of buy call lists paid content. Back then my sales came exclusively from articles, with tools like Selz and Gumroad I added a payment button on articles and that’s how I started to sell templates and ebooks on a daily basis. Months later I opted for a good Email Marketing strategy and my sales increased immediately; That day I understood the real importance of Email Marketing and I opted for this channel to boost my online sales.

You cannot imagine the peak of sales I had when I implemented autoresponders and the results that my clients and I have thanks to marketing automation. In this article I will explain what marketing automation is and how it works to capture leads, increase sales and improve our positioning.The potential of marketing automation is that once this “machinery” is set up, no human intervention is required during the conversion process, as all emails, notifications and actions are automatically executed with automation software. In this way we can also focus our efforts on attracting new customers who will feed the “machinery”.

In summary, marketing automation starts from the moment we attract traffic until we generate the desired conversions with the new leads that we capture through the Internet and other media and channels.Why we should bet on marketing automation
Marketing automation saves us a lot of time , but above all it allows us to do a more personalized and therefore more effective marketing. Other advantages are: Segment our database to better understand our audience
Save costs in the recruitment and sales process
Unify business and digital efforts on a single platform
We help all our clients of the consulting firm Convierte + in the process of automating their business and especially in the process of capturing qualified leads. Once the “machinery” is active, we must focus all our efforts on attracting new potential clients, and more so in this era when recruitment is economical through social networks.

With some clients we have reduced the cost of new leads from $ 5-7 with Google Adwords to less than a dollar with Facebook Ads.What we need to implement marketing automation in our business
Content of value and exclusive offers that we can offer to attract new potential clients (leads)
Funnels (the steps a client takes to generate the conversion we want)
Tags (to activate actions and segment our database)
Triggers (triggers) and automation elements. Example: opening emails, clicks on links, unsubscriptions, completed forms, visited web page, etc.)
Landing pages optimized for conversions to get more leads and sell more
A human team specialized in strategy, analytics and automation that can keep our automation campaigns optimized.
Different automation, B2B Phone List recruitment and online sales tools. Automating our businesses is about testing and testing new formulas to increase conversions. A good marketing automation is constantly updated, so you will see that every time there are more companies and professionals dedicated to creating funnels. We at the consulting firm for every 10 new clients that we receive 6 we implement marketing automation to help them generate more business.


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