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What is SMS marketing? Sending bulk SMS vs eMailing

Do you consider sending bulk SMS an outdated practice? This may be the case for you, but the reality is that, at a business level, preparing SMS campaigns still has a lot of potential today.And it is that digital australia phone number marketing must go hand in hand with technology. For this reason, both SMS and email marketing , far from being obsolete as online communication channels, must be updated and become part of our strategies.

For this reason, in this post we invite you to know what SMS marketing (or mobile SMS marketing strategy) consists of and what is the difference between sending bulk SMS and doing email marketing.

SMS marketing vs mass mailing: Fact or fiction? via @MadridNY

What is SMS Marketing?
Referencing a mass SMS sending , this strategy would be nothing without its potential to reach many people in a short time. Why? You only have to pay attention to its definition to understand it.

➽ SMS marketing or mobile SMS marketing: Definition
SMS marketing is an advertising strategy based on sending mass messages or SMS (that is, via mobile) that requires the support of a sending platform and that, after acceptance, has the objective of reaching many people.

Note: Well applied SMS Marketing is not intrusive, as its effectiveness is based on sending regular shipments.
The moment we abuse this type of practice, we become spammers and stop enjoying its most notable advantages, such as:

To be a channel directed 100% to marketing.
A high open rate.
Impact offline without the need for connection.
Immediate access and fast reading.
Send bulk SMS vs bulk mailing
According to statistical studies, the rate of openings of a mass SMS sending is estimated at 78%, compared to 20% in the case of mailings.

However, this data is not sufficiently decisive when choosing between one channel or another, since receiving advertising via SMS may not be effective if:

We do not request permission in compliance with the legal aspects of the RGPD.
We abuse the shipping frequency.
We ship without a clear objective and strategy.
Note: Although B2B Phone List our bulk SMS shipments cannot be marked as spam, sending them indiscriminately and with a high frequency generates a very bad brand image.
Therefore, whether you apply SMS campaigns, mass mailing, or both in your business, you should always request consent to receive commercial notices through a mass SMS and / or email marketing platform.

➽ Advantages of SMS marketing and / or eMailing
Although at the user

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