WhatsApp Business what are the advantages

News and useful tips to make the most of all its potential. Over two billion people around the world use whatsapp. To exchange messages with colleagues. Friends and family, via private chats or groups. Sms are a relic of the 90s and have been supplanted by instant messaging applications. Whatsapp business was born from this need. What is whatsapp business? We’ll explain it to you right away. This is a version of whatsapp developed to help small and medium-sized. Businesses create fast and direct communication channels with the public.

Which device to choose to use WhatsApp Business

A dual sim phone. This way you can manage your personal and business accounts. Through two different numbers and keep the profiles separate. This is one of the most popular choices because. A smartphone with two sim slots is very easy to find.  A smartphone that allows you to separate user profiles. Just as with computers europe email list many cell phones allow you to create different profiles. You can take advantage of this possibility by installing whatsapp. Business and your personal whatsapp on different accounts. A landline telephone. If you choose to use a landline phone you will not have. To solve the interaction problem between the two apps. This solution therefore seems the most natural one.

How to guarantee privacy with Whatsapp Business

Among the objectives of whatsapp business is not to promote. Spam and you certainly don’t want to be considered. Aggressive or intrusive with your promotion campaigns. For these reasons, whatsapp business has introduced the obligation of consent . As with newsletter subscriptions B2B Phone List  you will not be able. To send messages to your contacts without their consent. In the absence of their explicit authorization. You will only be able to answer their questions.

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