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WhatsApp and a change that could be bad for user privacy

Sometimes it is right, others it ends up generating annoyance in many of its users (blue popcorn, for example), the truth is that WhatsApp does not stop testing changes in the platform. Why? It is not new that we talk about the importance that messaging applications have acquired, only by the end of this year there will be more than 2.5 billion users of mobile messaging applications worldwide, according to projections by The Economist. And, although WhatsApp is the China Mobile Database application with the highest penetration in the market with more than 1.5 billion users , it is indisputable that others such as Telegram, Line or WeChatThey have launched functions that are envied by the Facebook app or are referred to as offering a better user experience. We know that WhatsApp tends to launch functions or make changes that do not always end up pleasing people , although it always argues that it seeks to improve the user experience. China Mobile Database

Now I would be about to activate one that could not only be annoying, but even put the privacy of users at risk. According to WaBetaInfo, the messaging app will show video previews on smartphone notifications, even when they are locked. Although, for brands in the case of WhatsApp for Business , for example, it could be very functional when sending promotional content to contacts reproducing part of them even without opening the notification, perhaps similar to an advertisement in the network time lines social like Facebook or Twitter. The problem is that for ‘mainstream’ users like most of those who have the application, this feature may not always be welcome .

This becausejokes, memes, videos with compromising content such as sexting are often shared that one would not always want to share in public. According to the available information, the new function is already available for testing in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS devices, starting with Brother Cell Phone List version a German user claims that his wife can already use it in the open update available. The goal would be to simplify functions through pop-up notifications and previews; similar to how to reply to messages faster or generate image blogs when you want to share a large amount. The problem with this feature is that probably not all users want to have it active, so it is likely that it comes with the option to disable videos in notifications.

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