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While It Is Currently Pursuing Its First Major Fundraising,

Sportall wants to position itself “end-to-end” of the channel.In the production, promotion and broadcasting of professional. Therefore, And amateur sporting events. The conquest or reconquest of fans. the. By maximizing the visibility of all disciplines. Via an OTT platform, Sportall participates in bridging. With the same objectives.

which in the case of the most mobile number tracker taiwan sports, represents millions of practitioners, and therefore potential “viewers”. The new OTT platform for all sports To achieve the objective, Sportall has developed an end-to-end solution on the Internet, for the capture, production, enrichment and broadcasting of any sporting event and video-sports content, without any distinction of audience. Youtube and Facebook allow broadcasting. Light digital capture tools and services and advanced promotion and story telling functionalities.

Whose Monetization Models Are Not Yet Fixed.

In association with its platform, the startup uses its kit, made up of simple capture products that can be used by everyone. Namely, a wireless mini-control room allowing local production of a multi-camera live stream, with commentators, score overlays, all the features for live sports video recording. Therefore, This kit has already made it possible to broadcast. Sporting events from its first customers.

Taiwan Cell Phone Number

with production costs divided by 5. all the features for live sports video recording.  Thierry Boudard, CEO of Sportall : “It was time for a solution, equipped with the very latest technologies and an extremely flexible economic model, to tackle non-premium sports. Therefore, Our ambition is to bring a new sports media, with an economic model allowing the distribution and monetization of all sports.

Without Forgetting Sport Amateurs,

Made up of production companies and micro-entrepreneurs. Experienced in sports recording, and equipped with Sportall technology. Therefore, This network is capable of producing any sporting event. Anywhere in France, adapting to the client’s budget. Therefore, From simple single-camera recording, to multicam control worthy of a TV channel. Therefore, The Sportall Procasters network intends to provide all the skills. For sports video production: cameramen, directors, editors, commentators.

Investors are welcome A major fundraiser is underway. Therefore, And the first investors are there. “Today there are many initiatives led by different sports to broadcast their discipline(s) (mono-sport OTT platform, WebTV, Youtube, Twitch, etc. Explains Stanislas de Villelongue, businessman founder. Of the Sparring Sport Group accelerator. Therefore, who chose to invest in Sportall. Therefore, “I find that the company offers a solution that meets a real need,” explains the businessman.

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