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Why you should invest in SEO

The web is crucial for brands, but it is not a simple medium. Making a site or content stand out from the rest depends largely on Serch Engine Optimization (SEO). Currently data collected by BlueCorona reveals that Google is responsible for at least 94 percent of organic traffic, in addition, for 57 percent of those involved in the B2B segment, SEO allows them to Brazil Mobile Database generate more leads than any other marketing activity. Furthermore, according to data revealed by Borrell Associates, companies will spend more than 72 million dollars on SEO this year and 79 in 2020. This means that if there is a company that is not going to invest in SEO, it will surely not be in tip spear on the market. Brazil Mobile Database

And it is expected that the generational change in the population, which is increasingly notorious, will directly influence the search by users; In other words, the elderly give way to the large number of young people who are completely familiar with the Internet, so there are more and more users, a figure of more than 3 billion. Of this sector, those who spend the Brother Cell Phone List most time on the web are Millennials, 7.43 hours a day, according to Statista estimates , so it is essential to invest in SEO. In addition to mainstream search engines, such as Google and Bing, alternative search engines will grow, especially the use of digital assistants, such as those based on app stores or from individual platforms, such as or YouTube. Obviously it will be urgent to stand out in any of them, for that good SEO is necessary.

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