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With P for Podcast. The current state of audio in Spain

How has the audio scene in Spain evolved in 2020 ? Has confinement and teleworking due to COVID-19 affected the voice sector? Do we listen to more podcasts? Do we relate to voice assistants differently ? list of mobile numbers in uae From Prodigioso Volcán , and in collaboration with the market research company SEIM , they have presented the II Voice and Audio Study in Spain to find out who listens, why and how they do it. Through 751 consumer surveys and 6 in-depth interviews with leading figures in the sector, the situation of audio and voice has been radiographed in a period as exceptional as it is interesting after the outbreak of the coronavirus in March 2020.

The results of the study point to a growth in our relationship with technology in almost all its forms. Especially through the voice.

The current state of audio in Spain
How 2020 sounded
Who hears what
2021, echoes of the next
How 2020 sounded

It is not strange to think that the health crisis has caused an acceleration of digitization, and it has been. We have had to reconfigure all daily activities to be able to perform them through a screen , thus causing those people who did not have digital devices or knowledge of their use, have had to adjust to continue with the routine . In audio this change has also been noted with an increase in interaction through voice devices and a greater consumption of audio formats.

Prodigious Volcano reflects increased interaction through voice devices
But confinement aside, contemporary life has meant that we have fewer moments to enjoy entertainment and dedicate ourselves to ourselves. And, as a consequence, in the words of Emma Rodero , Director of the Media Psychology Lab at Pompeu Fabra University and an expert in voice: “All this consumption is carried to areas where it was not previously: work, exercise … Audio is the only one that fully adapts to your daily activity ” .

Although at first glance it seems that the health crisis and mobility limitations, especially the absence of routes from one place to another, could have caused a collapse in the audio world, the reality is that this format has followed its trajectory, even attracting new listeners. The study states that 24% of those surveyed acknowledge that they have started listening or have extended their listening time due to the pandemic. The same occurs with those who consume audiobooks (22.9%) and those who use voice assistants (18.9%).

2020 has been the year of audio growth in Spain
But if 2020 is characterized by something in the audio aspect, it is that it has been the year of the emergence and growth of an entire sector around voice content in Spain, especially the podcast. And it is that 2020 has been a boom, thus causing a greater consolidation as a great ally of consumers and brands.

And it is that this growth has not only caused a change in the consumer market , but also in the business world. Many companies have found a way to connect by voice with their customers and consumers.
But, what have been the trends that have marked 2020 in the podcast environment? According to Prodigioso Volcán, there have been four:

More technology, more audio
Infinite listening
Community means talking
Listen to yourself
More technology, more audio

COPE’s journalist and Deputy Director of Programming, Andoni Orrantia , sums up the audio in 2020 like this : “If during the last two decades we have talked about disruption, now the word is acceleration. Things go faster. The pandemic has accelerated everything ” . And it is that this accelerated digitization has been reflected in voice and audio content.

We are no longer talking about disruption, but about acceleration
According to Juan Baixeras, Country Manager in Spain at Audible, Amazon’s podcast and audiobook platform that started in our country in October 2020, the implementation of audio applications is accelerating, thus causing people to find an alternative in this format of entertainment. In addition, María Jesús Espinosa , Director of Podium Podcast, explains that they have also noticed growth, also ensuring that 2020 has been the year to consolidate the podcast.

But not everything has been affected equally. In other more innovative areas of the audio ecosystem , such as the development of applications for smart speakers, the economic slowdown has lowered expectations.

Infinite listening

76.1% of the people studied listen to podcasts at home, compared to 67.5% who did so in 2019. This shows that, as the home goes up, the street goes down as a B2B Phone List consumer space: 27.9% they now listen on the way to work, compared to 30.1% who did it the previous year. Although, on the other hand, those who listen to podcasts while working grow, translating this into 18.2% in 2020 compared to 14.6% in 2019.

The number of people who listen to podcasts at work grows by up to 18.2%
In addition, listening hours have also been affected. Before, the main time for listening to audio was breakfast, but now it has been replaced by after eating , mor

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