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Recently, I was leading an objection handling training for salespeople and offer a business owner as an additional service a document with typical objections that we will collect at the training and options for responding to them. They can use this document to train newbies and periodically test the knowlge of experienc sellers. The director agre and was very happy with my proposal, because for him this is an unequivocal benefit, and for me it is an opportunity to earn more. But he easily agre to my proposal, because this is not the first time we have work together, he knows me as an expert and trusts my advice.

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If you see that it is more suitable for Forex Email List the client in his situation. It is very difficult to do this trick with a person who is not sure of your intention to benefit him only. What is customer care? I propose to look at customer centricity as a pyramid consisting of three levels. Focus-na-clienta-shema at the bottom is the product you are selling. It can be goods or services, it doesn’t matter. Your concern will be shown in what set of characteristics your product differs. How well does it meet customer nes.

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Those whom you have chosen as your B2b Phone List target audience. Yes, yes, everything, as usual, begins with the creation of a client portrait . Things to keep in mind: a customer doesn’t buy a product because it’s round or soft. He buys what this product gives him. You ne to create a product that will satisfy the customer’s nes as much as possible and be comfortable and pleasant to use. The excellent quality of the product itself is impli. What’s next? And then the processes in which your buyer participates. How do you organize contact with the client? How is the sale goingdoes the person who pays for the product receive their purchase.

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