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How to deal with this problem? Take a look at the SERPs for your target keyword to see exactly what shows up. Notice anything different. Many SERP tracking tools can show you exactly what types of SERP features each keyword generates. Sometimes it can be as “simple” as Google downgrading your featured snippets URL or removing it altogether. Analyze your competitors and search results to see if you can improve your snippet to get a better result. 9. Missing Links Backlinks remain among the most important SEO factors for organic traffic. And link building is still one of the main tasks of a search engine marketer. High-quality backlinks can improve your SEO ranking, while low-quality ones can do the opposite.

When a site loses China business fax list good backlinks, its position in the SERPs usually drops. How to deal with this? Use a backlink checker tool to find out where you might have missed links. Many tools will send alerts about backlink profile changes Contact linking websites to restore your links 10. Above Organic Ads Search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns always appear higher in search results than organic (free) links. And your own SEM may even be diverting (or cannibalizing) traffic from your organic listings. This could have an impact on the SEO ranking of your website. For better or worse. But you’ll have to do some digging to find out. What is the solution? Compare the keywords in your SEO and SEM campaigns and make sure you’re not wasting

Canvas Integrations Easy to Use in General,

ad spend on keywords that you would naturally rank first for and your competitors aren’t targeting. This is a simple bug to fix. Of course, if your competitors use Google Ads to rank above you, you’ll have to pay to play. 11. Mobile First Indexing It seems a bit strange to ask in 2021 if your website is mobile friendly. But I keep finding sites that are optimized for desktop browsers and look terrible on mobile. Some don’t even work properly for mobile visitors. A big mistake. Most of the traffic on the web is now mobile. Google’s index is now mobile-first, so if you’re not optimized for the small screen, your site will drop down the rankings until it’s also invisible in the SERPs.


The mobile version of your website may not be mobile-friendly due to various factors, including slow loading speeds, incompatible plugins, large and poorly formatted images, and extensive content that is unreadable on mobile devices. What do you need to do: Check website loading speed on mobile phones with Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool and start implementing changes based on recommendations. Check for any mobile-related issues using the “Mobile Usability” feature in Google Search Console and fix each of the listed issues using their recommendations. If your Google ranking is affected for any of the reasons listed above, these troubleshooting tips should help you correct the drop and get your ranking back on track.

Crello Does Not Offer Third-party Integrations.

Any suggestions or reasons why you think we’ve missed it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section. google ranking dropped dramatically SHARE, THANKS! Canva vs Crello: A Review and Feature Comparison Canva vs. Crello. Let’s take a look at what each of these design tools has to offer and how they compare to each other. read more Should you enable comments on your blog? An SEO view The advantages and disadvantages of enabling comments on your blog. Find out why you should allow commenting and why you should definitely avoid it. read more The highest paid plagiarism checkers [plus a free tool that’s just as good] Plagiarism checkers are an important part of every online writer’s life.

The consequences of posting plagiarized content can be serious. Use a good plagiarism checker to avoid problems. read more Substack Alternatives – Newsletter Platforms for Paid Subscribers Newsletter subscriptions are a great way to build a successful business and Substack isn’t the only (or the best) player in the game. Check out this guide to help you find the right replacement for Substack. read more How to Write Podcast Show Notes What sets the best podcasts apart from the rest? Well, great episodes and great guests.

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