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A look inside ‘naming’

No one can deny naming its privileged position in the genesis and determination of the brand’s DNA. Nor its role in serving as inspiration for its narrative get chinese phone number in the media. But what is behind the conception of a brand name? We go into the professional “engine room” of naming to explain, in six key ideas, what happens there

In the press, naming usually appears in its sweetest version. The reviews of new companies, baptized as Naturgy, Pulse or AVLO, for example, are, however, the tip of the iceberg of a very hard and complex process in the search for the name that “solves” everything. This “everything” usually begins with a phrase: “I need a name.” There are only three words, but they unleash a torrent of actions in the client, both desired and necessary: ​​legalize the project, create a logo, be online, start selling … For the namer, that is, the professional in charge of the conception of naming, involves starting a laborious work process that mixes creativity and analytics, and that, in the end,

Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Disney, Starbucks, Amazon or McDonald’s, to name just a few, are companies that we know what they are and what they represent, largely thanks to their name. Because naming, that is, the process that is carried out to define the name of a company, product B2B Phone List or service, is one of the fundamental assets for brands. Therefore, to be effective, in their preparation we must take into account a series of factors, which we analyze in this article through six key elements:


1. ‘FOCUS’: TAKE A DISTANCE The cliché that “the client himself is the most suitable person to develop the naming of his company” is an absolute fallacy. Anyone who has faced, at some

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