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The plugin cannot be found in WordPress itself, but can be easily downloaded via this link on . Clicking this link will automatically download a .zip file that you can upload to WordPress.

Tools like Ranktracker are very useful if you want to make your website or webshop more searchable on Google , but don’t forget about the speed of your website or webshop.

There are several options for making your website faster, but one of the most popular solutions is WP Rocket. It’s good to know that using WP Rocket can cause this issue.

So, in this article, we have shown you the problems you may encounter when you start using WP Rocket, how to check if this problem is occurring on your website, and how to fix this problem when it occurs.

Control via Search Console

After experiencing this issue with telephone biz several websites and webshops, I contacted WP Rocket. They then immediately provided a solution to the problem via a link to this page .

What really matters is that you need to add a few lines of code to your htaccess file. If you are using an NGINX server, this includes the following code:

Force Trailing Slash

2. Add plugin
Not tech savvy? If so, adding the above code to your htaccess file may be a bit tricky. In this case, it is good to know that you can also install additional plugins. This plugin handles the same issue.

Behind every successful business is a powerful SEO campaign. But with so many optimization tools and techniques to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry anymore. There is a way I can help you. Introducing the Ranktracker all-in-one platform for effective SEO.

How do you solve this problem

No screaming frogs? If so, you can also check through Google Search Console . The best B2B Phone List way to check this is to go to “Index” → “Pages” in Search Console. Here you can see if you have a URL that Google recognizes both with and without “/”.

Another thing you can do in Search Console is go to ‘Performance’ → ‘Search Results’. Here you can filter based on keywords that are important to your website. You can then see which URLs score for this search term. If you see URLs here both with and without “/”, it means you’re already experiencing issues with your website or webshop.

Have you figured out by now if this issue is affecting you? So now there are 3 scenarios:

You do not have this problem with your website or webshop.
Your website or webshop is having this problem, but the page is not indexed yet.
Your website or webshop has this feature and your pages are already indexed.
Are you in scenario 1 or 2? So, of course you want to solve this problem, but there are actually two ways to solve this problem. Below I will briefly describe two methods you can use to solve this problem.

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