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Aurelio García: “Lexus Was Present Throughout the Program,

The Lexus Marketing Director feedback at the notorious participation of the emblem in Pasapalabra
He does not input into assessing the grievance of the emblem’s advertising on the time El Rosco was gained

02/07/2021 · 13:29
The values ​​of attempt and paintings transmitted through each Pasapalabra and Pablo Díaz , who this Thursday received the boat of the program after 260 declares, constitute the essential reason why the Lexus car logo has 法国电话号码表 been linked in a infamous manner with this tv content material of most target market.

This is what he says in statements to Reason . Why Aurelio García , Marketing Director of Lexus Spain. García additionally tells us about the instant wherein Pablo got the last word from El Rosco proper, the moment wherein an commercial for the logo became issued.
The interruption of what changed into the height moment generated criticism in the audience . The manager admits the difference of opinions and values ​​the fact that the emblem changed into present during the entire program, now not simplest at that key second.

Lexus has desired to link its emblem values ​​with the ones of Pablo Díaz and Pasapalabra
And it is that Lexus had a leading presence inside the Pasapalabra edition of July 1 thru diverse special codecs that were advanced with the aid of the emblem with its media enterprise, M / Six-Mediacom, and together with Antena’s Special Actions department. Three.

RW. What emotions have you had after seeing what occurred the day prior to this with Pasapalabra, wherein Lexus had this kind of notorious and forceful presence?

I assume that for Lexus as a brand it has been a success , specially because Pablo, the winner of Pasapalabra, has values ​​of attempt and sacrifice that make it very fine that he had this result in the contest. I assume he transfers very tremendous values ​​to society, which could be very welcome at a time like this. The visibility it was given and what it transmits is excellent. That is why we desired to take part as a emblem. Because notoriety also can be accomplished in different approaches and on different web sites, but our help for this content material changed into inspired with the aid of the superb history that transmits the coaching effort that Pablo has made for a long time.

RW. In other phrases, Pablo’s persona has inspired the decision to hyperlink Lexus with this system.

Totally, although it also has to do with the format of the contest. Pasapalabra is a program for those who prepare and make an effort every day , because it is very tough to have a great end result. There are programs which might be based totally extra on success or danger and that is primarily based on take a look at and the attempt to attain a purpose. Also, Pablo has turn out to be very close to many people because of the time he has been within the program and this is another effective element.

RW. Had Lexus already had a dating with Pasapalabra?

It is a software wherein we’ve a presence at some stage in the year , even though not thru sponsorship. In what came about the day prior to this, several elements converged that made the whole lot match together: that recurring presence inside the program, the fact that El Rosco was finished inside the letter X of Lexus -which has been more random- and the values ​​which are transmitted to the society, of which I spoke earlier than. In addition, the audiences had been very high, with which everything has been advantageous.


Pasapalabra’s most viewed ad is from Lexus and receives five.5 million viewers

We should discover a way for advertising and content material to coexist with out traumatic the target audience
RW. How do you feel approximately the instant El Rosco got it right and the Lexus ad came in? That has generated controversy a few of the audience. Don’t you believe you studied the climax of the show was broken?

The reality is that Lexus changed into present throughout the program , we did not input most effective in the mean time while it turned into gained. Our method protected the whole perimeter of Pasapalabra, no longer simply that moment. In addition, it isn’t handiest the day gone by’s application, however we’re linked to it at some stage in the year.

RW. So do you take on that controversy?

There can always be critiques, however it become now not simply taking benefit of that second, however the complete software as an entire.

RW. Within the photograph that Lexus desires to deliver, why are you interested in partnering with a software like Pasapalabra?

“There will continually be critiques, however we were present for the duration of this system”
It has to do in particular with the problem of values. Lexus is an environmentally nicely set up brand, for ten years we have best offered hybrids and additionally within the enterprise’s DNA there is a completely essential factor, that’s to offer lower back to society part of what it offers us, each on a international scale and in exclusive countries. Part of that contribution is fostering a tradition of attempt and paintings, and Pasapalabra perfectly fits those ideals. These are the essential motives for having been gift, aside from the visibility it brings.

Pasapalabra’s most viewed ad

And the alternative winner of the Pasapalabra broadcast on July 1 has been Lexus , one of the maximum gift at the high time grid this Thursday and the emblem of the spot that has had the most audience: 5.5 million viewers , accomplishing a 13.2 rating within the Adult target.
In truth, Atresmedia reviews that this 20-second spot, starring the UX 250h model -even though it calls itself a hybrid Lexus-, has been the maximum regarded of the year , not counting the marketing broadcast at wearing occasions. And it’s miles no wonder, because it become deliberate simply after Paul’s final answer.


La inserción publicitaria de éxito está integrada en los angeles campaña global de un fabricante que en España cuenta con M/Six-Mediacom para gestionar su planificación en medios, que en el caso de Pasapalabra ha contado con un despliegue en el que se han incluido avances de programación, telepromoción, un corte exclusivo o patrocinio del programa.

The interest in focusing efforts on the UX 250h and no longer most effective on the logo itself is due to the fact that it’s far the principal model of the Japanese manufacturer’s range, its finest income and capital achievement in its commercial method. In fact, it changed into one of the few cars in its phase that grew in a 2020 marked by using the reduction of registrations and wherein Lexus reached the nice market share in its history (4.6%).

LABELS “Aurelio García:” Lexus changed into present at some stage in this system, now not 美国电子邮件列表 simplest whilst El Rosco was won “”
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Pasapalabra’s maximum considered ad is from Lexus and receives 5.Five million



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