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Do you want an audience? Become an expert

What do you do when you have a question about how to assemble a product, or when you want to know how to make a recipe? You go to the Internet and look for a tutorial. Usually to video. One where an expert gives you his chinese mobile number opinion of her or a series of explanations. An expert who will then be paid by companies to recommend their products or services to the followers that they have built up precisely because they are an expert.

The question, then, is why companies have not become experts if no one knows more about their product and their market than they do.

In a hypercompetitive environment, only informative, relevant content that helps those who have doubts at a given moment, other than the mere advertisement disguised as news, will help attract audiences. The type of content provided by industry leaders and experts.

This does not necessarily imply boring content. Each business has its codes, and in some, the expert may be an expert in leisure: someone like the tiktoker or the gamer to whom, if you don’t do your job well, you will end up paying a dough to lend you for a little while to his followers. Because, let’s not fool ourselves: the success of influencers is a bit of the failure of companies that have not known how to create communities as large and with the same engagement as theirs …, having it easier and having more resources.

In other sectors, especially in B2B, the content will have to be more professional: in-depth interviews, sector reports, consumer help videos… But it must always be valuable, informative and quality content.

Otherwise, it will not matter how beautiful your website is. You will have a very cute boutique, B2B Phone List with wonderful products and very good offers, but no one will enter for more ads you put. Because there are many advertisers, but there are few experts.

My advice, therefore, is this: be an expert. Be a leader.


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