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Grazie ai dati ufficiali pubblicati questa sera su Twitter,

winner of the Winter Olympics on. Twitter February 24, 2014 Hubert Munyazikwiye. Olympic Games, Social Media 24 Le. Winter Olympics just ended yesterday. Still, you got off to a bad start with the organizational problems we talked about during the 2nd. SBChatFR, the Olympic Games have managed to make way for the sport with. the great performance of the team.

We therefore understand that hockey sales contact database ice is the most cited sport during the Olympic Games, before curling, figure skating, bobsleigh and snowboarding. so the intensity and the emotions conveyed combined with the proposed posters (USA vs Russia, Canada vs USA in the semifinals and then the final Canada vs Sweden) were in my opinion

After much reflection among us on the format and content,

by the tweeters and more particularly by the Asian skaters Mao Asada, Yuna Kim and Akiko Suzuki. Normal when you know that Twitter is the second most used social network in Japan. France ranks 10th in Twitter’s analysis. And here is also an animation of the volume of tweets published during the Olympic Games. Here we are back with a third episode of #SBChatFR, again with Sébastien, Cédric and Boris.


we decided to choose a shorter version, about 30 minutes, with a central topic and our favorites upstream and our recommendations / deals to follow And to start this new format, we went to Paris Saint-Germain, the locomotive of sport French business. For favorites I went back to the recent acquisition of beIN Sports TV rights (handball and FIFA World Cup) and the controversial Beats By Dre ad featuring Cesc Fabregas. Here is the recovery session of this third #SBChatFR and how

Advertising 44 Adidas today launched a platform

giving participants the chance to win a trip to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup ™.  This innovative game is closely linked to the launch of the new adizero f50 Messi shoes, which Leo Messi successfully started wearing during a Champions League match last February.

The great peculiarity of this game lies in its integration with social media. In fact, the more “noise” there is around Leo Messi on social networks, the faster you will go in the game. The application, in fact, includes a tracker on social networks which therefore allows you to have an impact on the game and therefore encourage players to overcome their opponents and therefore go to the end of the game and be suitable for this journey. A kind of carrot inside the carrot. In addition to the ultimate reward of going to Rio, adidas encourages you to talk about it on social media to put aside all your chances. Enough to encourage tr

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