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How to create a training platform to sell courses

It is no longer necessary to attend classrooms in person. Now classrooms enter our homes to help us acquire the skills, knowledge and skills we need to perform professionally. And offering training on the uk phone number Internet is a business model to which more and more entrepreneurs and companies are joining.However, if we put ourselves on the side of the creator, we will find a long list of tasks to be done before the students can enjoy their training; create the course syllabus, create materials in different formats, record videos, set up the virtual campus, sales, student onboarding …

All are important, along with a good automated marketing strategy , but one of the questions that often raises the most doubts is which online training platform to choose.

Own or external platform to host my courses? Learn about the pros and cons and the best offer of tools to create a training platform @MadridNY

The offer is so wide that it sometimes causes confusion. So let’s see which are the most recommended and what brings us the greatest benefit according to our project … an own or external platform?

Online training platform: Own or external?
This is the first question you will ask yourself if you are thinking of selling your courses through an online training platform, or you are going to launch a digital educational project.

Without a doubt, it is an important decision, as it requires a lot of time to become familiar with the platform, upload the material, configure it … It is not something that you should be constantly changing.

Also, keep in mind that the user experience of your students will depend on it. Therefore, you not only have to look for the one that gives you the most advantages, but also the one that is easier and more attractive to your students.

➽ External training platform: Pros and cons
One of the options available and, a priori, easier, is to choose an external online training platform. Well, we are avoiding all the programming part and advanced adjustments of it, as well as having to solve any technical failure that exists.

But let’s dive deeper into its advantages:

They do not require advanced technical knowledge. If you don’t get along with technology, or you don’t know how to create an online training platform, these tools are perfect. They have support and simple tutorials that you can follow to set up your formations.
They are suitable for all pockets. You will avoid having to invest in programming and development. And you will only pay a commission for each sale made.
They have 24 × 7 support. We have already commented on it. In the event of any incident you
B2B Phone List will have at your disposal a support team ready to help you.
They include automated metrics and reports. You will have access to a dashboard where you can analyze your results and the behavior of your students at a glance.
They are easy to integrate with other tools. For example, email marketing platf

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