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How to increase your sales on YouTube without ads

I recently managed to get 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, it was not an easy job, but if I did, you can too. And yes, it is a very important uk database contact milestone, but today I want to show you not only how you can get more subscribers, but several tips so that you can increase your sales on YouTube without ads .Of course it is possible, remember that YouTube is a platform with a very loyal community and if you are authentic, constant and plan a good strategy, your subscribers will not hesitate to buy your products or acquire your services. To do this, we must optimize your profile and your videos a bit, but don’t worry, it’s nothing we can’t do. Strategic content to increase your sales on YouTube
Get found to increase your sales on YouTube without ads
Calls to action to increase your sales on YouTube without ads
Add a call to action to your YouTube channel
Redirect your audience the right way
Boost your comments
Take advantage of YouTube cards
Strategic content to increase your sales on YouTube
The first thing you should do if you want to increase sales on YouTube without ads is to establish a strategy , so that your content makes sense. I have shared it with you many times, a good strategy is the basis to achieve the objectives. Without it, we would be taking missteps and testing to see if it works.

When we have a clear strategy, designed after a previous study and analysis, the margin of error is smaller, we will have much more chance of success and less confusion when carrying out the necessary actions. To develop a YouTube strategy, we must consider 2 fundamental points:

Who are we addressing: our buyer persona. That specific person we want to buy from us. To do this we must evaluate not only who it is, but what searches it performs, how it does the search, whether directly on YouTube or whether it is looking for articles where we can link the video. A careful study of our ideal client will save us a lot of trial and error.
What they will get from our channel: You will not pretend to do an infomercial and mount it on YouTube. We must educate the audience, YouTube is a platform for entertainment and knowledge. People want to learn while watching a funny video and it shouldn’t necessarily be funny, but it should be entertaining.
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Get found to increase your sales on YouTube without ads
There are two ways for people to find your videos:

Search Engine Optimization for YouTube (SEO).
Group visualization.
A good optimization of our content will position us as one of the first options when users perform a search. This means that we will obtain a greater advantage over our competitors that will bring us greater visualization. Mastering your SEO includes understanding not only what your audience is looking for, but also how they are searching for it. Identify what keywords or phrases YouTube and other search engines are using to find answers, then create videos based on those keywords and phrases or use them to segment.

Note: for this you can use the Chrome extension ” vidIQ “, which will help you to know which keywords have a greater advantage, less competition, search rank and many more options to position your videos and optimize SEO more efficiently.
The more content you create, the more you can create groups of reproduction of similar topics, so that in this way users increase the stay in your videos and YouTube trusts your content more. This will let YouTube know who to show your videos to and your channel will be recommended to the right people.

Calls to action to increase your sales on YouTube without ads
To generate leads on YouTube you must always be in tune with what your audience is looking for when they search YouTube. Once you start creating the content that your audience will want to consume, here’s what’s next.

Add a call to action to your YouTube channel
The first way to start generating leads on your YouTube channel is to put your channel design to good use. The banner that is displayed at the top of your channel page, when you configure it you can add links to your website and social profiles.

Use a design that attracts attention and invites you to visit your website. If you have more channels, always make your page the protagonist, that’s where they can make the sale. If you don’t have a website and you sell via WhatsApp or other means, make that the one that stands out.

Redirect your audience the right way
The calls to action must be present in your videos, in the description, in the video itself and, if possible, in the title. If you want them to go to B2B Phone List your landing to fill out a form or directly to your sales page, mention it exactly and clearly in the video and don’t forget to place the link in the description.

Do not place the link to your website, because when entering, they would have to find where the form or the sales page is. And remember to place it at the beginning of the

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