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IKEA case. The success of advertising a brand without competition

Advertising at the point of sale is one of the most important techniques that exist to build a corporate image. An example of this is IKEA. The Swedish multinational could boast of advertising a brand without effective competition, but what are the real keys to its success? Anticipation of list of china mobile phone company consumer needs? The creation of experiential spaces? Or maybe your communication strategy? This article makes an approach to the IKEA phenomenon from the vision of ‘marketing’ and advertising, in order to offer a reflection on the matter

The “advertising at the point of sale” is known within the sector both by its acronym PLV and by the acronym in English POP (point of purchase). Regardless of its nomenclature, the truth is that this advertising technique has become one of the most important keys to corporate communication to obtain profitability, image value and adhesion in the mind of the consumer. In fact, it is one of the unconventional media with the greatest prospect of sustained growth in the coming years, according to the InfoAdex study on Advertising Investment (2019). One of the most successful cases in this regard is the Swedish multinational IKEA.

IKEA stores are well known, both by the general public and by the specialist, that is, by decorators, experts in creating interior or exterior spaces, as well as interior designers. They are leaders in home and decoration retail, standing out above other well-known firms in the sector such as Maisons du Monde, A Loja do Gato Preto or Leroy Merlin. Some of the main reasons for its success are the careful arrangement of its products and the seasonal rotation of its display.

The IKEA brand has managed to reinvent itself throughout its almost seven decades of history, adapting all visual resources within its commercial environment. What are the strategic factors that have allowed IKEA to remain strong for so many years?


1. Signposted itinerary: The special internal layout of the point of sale Its establishments have several clearly identified sections: exhibition, accessories and self-service. The demarcated route and the sense of circulation determine the passage through the exhibition section, which is undoubtedly one of the most important hot areas in the stores. Although they have designed various “shortcuts” that allow the user to shorten this route, the signage so present encourages customers to travel the way that the brand wants.

Throughout the tour of the internal point of sale, we see how, unlike its main competitors, IKEA does not limit itself to the temporary display of furniture, B2B Phone List appliances or home accessories: it encourages the consumer to actively purchase a wide variety of products, not all of them being appliances. Thus, they can be marketed from home textiles to toys, through food items …


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