This physics principle is also the same as how your rod works

The more the rod can bend, the more energy can be stored and generated. So the further the lure can be thrown. I hope you understand this analogy. 2. While fighting with fish rod casting What is the function of the rod when fighting fish?

When a fish bite is detected and we strike, the curve of the rod will absorb the impact energy to prevent the line from exploding. The curve of the rod not only allows us to maintain the tension of the line while fighting the fish. Even it will put the fish under a constant pressure, where it will make the fish tired faster.

In addition the rod also serves to absorb sudden pressure when

The fish makes a sudden acceleration or jump. Further reading on how the rod works can be read on the wikipedia page:

Bending curve and tapering The Main Database Basic Factors That Need To Be Considered In Choosing A Rod choosing the perfect casting rod It doesn’t matter if a rod is expensive or cheap, there are three basic criteria that we should consider in choosing the right rod for our needs.

These three factors will determine the throwing distance, accuracy and how to control the fish. So please understand this section carefully: 1. Action  Rod Action casting rod action during casting What is meant by rod action? — Rod action or action, is a measure to determine the elastic properties of a blank.

It is how a rod behaves when it is flexed and released suddenly


In simple language, action can be defined as how B2B Phone List quickly the rod bends back to its original point.

In general, rod action is divided into three main categories: A rod that returns to its original shape quickly after bending is known as fast action.

A rod that returns to its original shape slowly after bending is known as slow action. And rods that have characteristics between the two properties above are known as medium action casting distance diagram of the action of the casting rod According to St.

Croix By referring to the diagram above, I think you can see the difference in each rod action.

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