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80% believe that the telephone will be the almost only form of payment by 2020, something that is becoming more common every day. 6.- Privacy formats: People are increasingly concerned about saving their personal data. Forms of payment and exchange of information that do not affect the privacy of users will be imposed. 7.-Mind control: Communication with thought and control of devices through the mind is a trend that is increasingly closer to the technological reality in which we live. These digital trends in the near future will be tools that will facilitate tasks in your company and will be available to everyone thanks to constant technological innovation. It’s important to stay abreast of new business usage trends to make the most of them and simplify work activities.

I also leave a very interesting SEO article for uae database stores in Woocommerce the Great Lord Muñoz I also leave you a Youtube Video of one of the best applications If you have doubts Comment on the article , If you liked it Comment on the Article , If you want to contribute your knowledge Comment on the Article , If you want to spam Do not Comment on the article – or my friend akismet will ban you. Do everything you want in an Online Store, but please You must be original. Jan 19, 2017 | Seo Web Positioning in Search Engines | 1 comment seo agency But… Who is Rand Fishkin?

48% of Smartphone Users Prefer to Use the Phone and Mobile Media to Make Their Payments.

Last year’s predictions Rand Fishkin made a list of some predictions for the year 2016, of which we will mention the ones that, for some reason, were real. . Organic search results will have less than 70% CTR. Well, Rand Fishkin tells us that the CTR (the number of clicks an ad receives) from Google’s Non-Organic results (adwords ads, direct responses, etc.) would be increased compared to organic results. He said that at the end of 2016, organic results would have less than 70% of the CTR, that is, less than 70% of searches will end in a click towards an organic result. The use of mobile devices will not interfere with the use of the PC.




but our free time. Rand Fishkin believed that the growth in the use of mobile devices to access the Internet, compared to the use of a desktop computer, would decrease. However, it is known that the use of smartphones to access the internet has increased in recent years. Twitter will grow again Indeed, Twitter increased its active users from 305mm to 317mm, and although it was representative, growth is growth. However, Twitter hasn’t figured out how to grow, yet. DuckDuckGo will be the new search engine He also told us that the “DuckDuckGo”

If You Only Have an Online Store You Forget About Service Expenses Such as Electricity,

Did you know him? SEO predictions for search engines according to Rand Fishkin seo and voice search Voice search will be more than 25% of all Google searches. Voice search volume on desktop will remain nearly flat, while mobile will continue to grow. Rand tells us that voice search won’t be used on desktop, rather it will grow on mobile devices. Currently between 20 and 25% of searches through a mobile device are through voice. However, interestingly, Google said that in May these searches were 20%, while in September, they were 25%. Which makes us think that the growth of voice searches has been relatively flat. Most voice searches are done from mobile phones, which is also a trend in search engine optimization Despite this, voice search is the first high-risk technological change that Search Engine Optimization has ever faced.

Snapchat, Amazon or any other search engine. seo search scheme Marketing Technology won’t have much consolidation. But there will be at least one major exit among the major. SEO software providers. SEO has always been very small in the world of software. Part of this is because SEO is reliant on Google. Which creates a risk that many entrepreneurs or investors don’t like. The prediction is that we will see one of the main SEO software, which for analysts and possibly entrepreneurs this would make it much more interesting. Which could start a big buildup. Google will extend its services. It will offer paid search ads in featured snippets,

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