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Mango premieres a miniseries dedicated to Mediterranean culture

It is titled “The Mediterranean seeker” and in a first installment it consists of three chapters
The brand wants to show a “unique” lifestyle and vision of the world.

The fashion firm Mango has released “The Mediterranean seeker” (“The Mediterranean explorer”) an online miniseries conceived as a fashion film with which it wants to show the Mediterranean lifestyle. For this, it has had different characters from different countries in the region who share “a unique lifestyle and vision of the world,” according to the brand in a statement.

Mango appeals in the series to its Mediterranean heritage through different characters
“This miniseries”, Mango also comments, “is an evocative work full of intention with which the brand intends to continue its purpose of serving as inspiration through style and culture from its Mediterranean heritage.”
The creativity of the work has been developed in-house at Mango, according to company sources Reason. Why has been informed The series has been produced by the duo of filmmakers and photographers specializing in fashion, Hunter and Gatti.

The work consists, in a first installment, of three chapters and is hosted by brand spokesperson Veronika Heilbrunner, an expert in fashion and travel.

A trip to Turkey in the first chapter

In the first episode, Heilbrunner travels to Turkey to meet artist Desire Moheb-Zandi, whose work focuses on applying a contemporary vision to the ancient Turkish tradition of tapestry and carpet weaving.
Moheb-Zandi shows Heilbrunner the way he does his work from her and the pieces he makes from her, as well as some other traditions and customs of his country from her. The images show the protagonists in various settings and wearing different models of the brand.

The other two chapters of the first installment of the series, which will be released in the coming weeks, will be dedicated, Mango reports, to “masteries and unusual corners narrated by a sailor and a gastronomic critic, with which to learn not only the basic tips navigation or the importance of the sea as a natural element for this culture, but rather the drive towards a sustainable connection with the environment. ”Mango points out that this first installment will continue in the coming months.

The series has been premiered on the brand’s YouTube channel and its presentation coincides with that of the delivery corresponding to 2021 of another campaign closely linked to Mediterranean culture, the Estrella Damm summer ad, which was shot this year in the island of Menorca.

The Mango series will also be broadcast on the brand’s Instagram channel and will be made visible on social media.


Mango sets out to conquer home textiles

Mango designs new gowns for the patients of the Catalan Institute of Oncology
Mango, founded in Barcelona in 1984, operates in more than 110 countries. According to data from the company itself, in 2020 it obtained revenues of 1,842 million euros and 42% of its sales are already produced in the online channel.

LABELS “Mango premieres a miniseries dedicated to Mediterranean culture”
Finish and National Geographic want to raise awareness about the water shortage in Spain
The power of fandom, the segmented and committed object of desire of brands
The Estrella Damm 2021 ad is here: “Love at first sight”

Aedas Homes also pays tribute to Pau Donés with “Beautiful House, Beautiful Life”
The residential developer launches a campaign, devised by Dogma Creativa, with the song “Bonito”
The action coincides with the first anniversary of the death of Pau Donés, leader of Jarabe de Palo

06/16/2021 · 11:03
About a year ago, the singer Pau Donés, leader of the charismatic group Jarabe de Palo, said goodbye to the world because of cancer, but not before having actively and passively disseminated his philosophy of him, reflected in the motto “living is urgent” .

La Once released a version of “Bonito” for its Christmas spot
We have been able to see this “song to life” reflected in their latest album, but also in some of the songs that led the group to international success, such as “Bonito”.

The catchy lyrics that Donés composed featured in La Once’s last campaign for its Christmas ad, although the organization did cover the lyrics to showcase the courage and effort of its volunteers.

Now, returning to pay tribute to the singer with this same song, the urban developer Adas B2B Phone List Homes launches “Bonita la Casa, Bonita la Vida”, an advertisement full of vitality and joy that wants to highlight the importance of home in our lives.

“Our idea arises from the vision that people are not looking only for a house, but for their identity, the space in which they can build their world, with their own characteristics and needs,” says Gustavo Otto, Global Director of Concept and Creativity at SAMY Alliance,

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