Mushrooms for dogs and cats

 In this article we will see what the most common types. Therefore, of skin mycosis in dogs and cats are. how to recognize them and which treatments can be useful to facilitate healing.  How do dogs and cats get mushrooms. Types of dog and cat skin mycosis Dermatophytosis. Therefore, Malassezia Cryptococcosis. How to recognize mycosis in dogs and cats. How do dogs and cats get mushrooms. The transmission of fungal infections occurs through contact . as happens with humans. Therefore, the spores of the fungi settle on the animal’s hair and feed on it. causing it to fall and the formation of hairless patches . However. skin mycoses can also be transmitted in different ways. Therefore, If dogs bite each other while playing together and one of them is affected. the infections could be transmitted.


For this reason

After making sure. it is better to isolate the dog Iraq Telegram Number Data or cat from other animals. Skin mycoses require special care of the animal. it is advisable to wash the linen and kennel frequently. to avoid the deposit of spores which can return to the fur. However. it is not recommended to wash your dog frequently. after bathing. the skin is more sensitive and exposed to the action of fungi. Therefore, which would find fertile ground to proliferate. Always try to follow the vet’s instructions. especially when it comes to cleaning your puppy. Types of dog and cat skin mycosis But which and how many types of skin mycosis exist.

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Some fungi attack

Both dogs and cats indifferently. while other types Benin Phone Number List of mycosis can affect both dogs and cats in totally opposite ways. This depends on their immune system. that of the dog differs. for many variables. from that of the cat. But let’s see what the most common skin mycosis are. Dermatophytosis Dermatophytosis can occur in both dogs and cats. It is the most widespread fungal infection. present nine times out of ten in cases of mycosis. and is caused by a fungus called Microsporum Canis. 

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