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Seven reasons to include a podcast in our online ‘marketing’ strategy

Podcasting is already an expanding communication channel that we should assess and incorporate into our content ‘marketing’ action plan. And it is that the audio, compared to the visual, allows to share information in a more china mobile phone number format original and complete way. In addition, it is a format that can be consumed on both mobile phones and computers, and without the need for an Internet connection. These and other factors have created large and, above all, loyal audiences, which makes podcasting the perfect tool for inbound marketing strategies.

In a context where customers are looking for attractive and valuable content, podcasting is experiencing a golden age. Although, initially, podcasts were merely the audio of blog posts, they have evolved to have their own entity and become the fundamental pillar of the content creation strategy for many companies and professionals. Podcasting is no longer mere “read articles”, but can contain from tutorials or talks to news, radio pieces, music, training, magazines, contests … It is a “brother” channel of the now more than well-known radio.

The birth of the podcast as we know it now was a process that began in 2000, when software developer Dave Winer released version 0.92 of the RSS (really simple syndication) format, which allowed content to be distributed automatically, add audio files to a feed usually text, under the subscription system. In 2004, Adam Curry, a famous MTV video jockey, tested the Winer RSS specification on his blog on Radio UserLand in order to add files to it-the first podcast was born.

However, despite its short life, the trajectory of this communication channel, whose name arises from combining the words “iPod” and “broadcast”, could not have been faster. Spain is the fifth country in which more podcasts are consumed (out of twenty-three consulted), according to a study by Digital News Report. One of the reasons for its rise is found, above all, in the massive use of mobile phones as a habitual means of accessing the Internet, which allows brands to reach their current or potential customers at any time and in any place. ; another, because it gives them a plus of competitive advantage due to their ability to give the brand notoriety and position it as an expert.

The reason for its rise Today no one denies that podcasts offer companies and brands a golden opportunity to connect with and retain their audience. B2B Phone List In fact, this is their main objective: to create a long-term bond with them. Because, compared to other online advertising formats that are based on creating a quick impact, such as a video ad or a story on Instagram, a podcast seeks to retain the

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