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The 27 best SEO tools to position your Web projects on the Internet

What are the best free or paid SEO tools in 2021? If you have worked with a Marketing platform, surely you know the advantages they offer you when analyzing a website and obtaining data to enhance online cell phone database free visibility and the positioning of your content or digital projects in general.The difference between taking advantage or not of any of these professional platforms, in most cases, will be able to make the difference between being long months without results or seeing your projects grow steadily and continuously on the Internet.

Precisely due to this factor, today I bring you a selection of the free and paid SEO tools that have worked best for me throughout my career in Digital Marketing, both to properly position my own Blog .

And, although there are many free ones as in the case of Chrome extensions for  those that require a subscription are usually the most powerful and complete. Despite this, later, I will also show you some of the ones that have helped me to position my digital projects and do not require any payment.

We start the list of the best tools with one of the cheapest and most powerful that you can find on the Internet. SE Ranking is an amazing “all in one” that offers you multiple functionalities to analyze and optimize your Web projects (to position yourself above your competitors).

Although it offers multiple functions, it stands out mainly for the possibility of monitoring the positioning of each of the keywords that you have in it.

offers you the possibility of doing a complete audit, and even the ability to compare your site with that of your direct competition.

In addition, it also has other tools such as the keyword grouper, which allows you to efficiently distribute the keywords you want to use on your website , as well as discover new terms to use.

Another excellent advantage is that it helps you plan your campaigns efficiently, based on both your website and that of your competition.You can find this tool in Spanish and with an easy to use and master interface.

offers its users a catalog of exceptional functionalities, which not only allow you to perform Keywords analysis, its main and most developed function, but also offers you the possibility of carrying out a very complete competitor analysis .

If what you want is to find the right keywords to focus your content, for your Google Ads campaigns or for all your eCommerce, this is one of the best options. B2B Phone List It has a huge database of keywords that exceeds 19 billion terms , distributed in more than 140 countries, offering its 5 million users impeccable precision when segmenting their keywords.


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